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Seven Things You Must Be Aware of that Your                            Dentist May Not Tell You                                                                     

...or may not even know!

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A health-focused perspective of dental procedures that will make you more vigilant

Dr. Vincent DiLorenzo, DDS Edited by Dr. Andrea Brockman, DDS


I couldn’t believe it.  How come no one ever told me?  I went through four years of dental school and then twelve years of owning my own dental practice and I just never knew.  Why was it that almost everything I had learned and experienced as a dentist was simply not true?  What was I to do now?


It all started when Andrea came home from a dental conference and told me that there was a problem with the mercury in dental fillings. We needed to change the way we were practicing dentistry. Now? What? That was quite a shocker and I refused to believe there was a problem.  She had with her all kinds of tapes, audios, articles and videos supporting her arguments but I refused to listen.  I don’t know exactly why, but after a few months I decided I should begin to pay attention. That decision was the best thing I did.  It led me to where I am today.


Once I understood the very basic of issues, namely that those dental “silver” fillings were actually comprised of 50% mercury and are detrimental to health, I was hooked.  I had never liked the way those fillings looked anyway, but the idea that those fillings were making my patients sick? That was the last straw. This lead me to study, do my own research and find mentors who could provide me with information and skills to place me on this journey. It lead me to become an activist, spreading the word about this important health issue and ultimately examine other issues within my chosen profession.


Just imagine how I felt when my research permitted me to discover that almost everything I had been taught about dentistry was indeed false.  From the dental fillings I placed to even the fluoride I recommended.  From root canal treatments to extraction of teeth.  I felt betrayed, yet hopeful.


Hopeful because more and more people, including dentists, are learning about how dentistry can affect overall health and how one can become more proactive in maintaining it.  It is not so simple anymore.  Everyone needs to be concerned about hidden jawbone infections, toxic dental materials and the creation of whole body imbalances as a result of what, seemingly, are very simple dental procedures.


That is why I am writing this short e-book.  I want you to become aware of what actually takes place when your dentist provides you with his or her dental service. Please educate yourself and let your practitioners know what you’ve learned, because they, like me, could never have imagined the simple truths I had uncovered.... Dr. Vincent DiLorenzo


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