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About the Origins of Explore Holistic

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Our Case for Holistic Healthcare

Husband and Wife Dentists

Dr. Andrea Brockman and Dr. Vincent DiLorenzo didn’t start out as holistic dentists, but they rather evolved into it. After their own frustrating experiences with conventional medical doctors unable to recognize, diagnose or treat their health-depleting mercury toxicity, they had to overcome their skepticism and look to alternative health practitioners. Without the Internet and practitioners being in much shorter supply, help was not so easy to find.

In the past several years, Andrea and Vincent have used their knowledge and experience to co-create the much needed, an expanding online directory of natural, holistic, and alternative practitioners and services. They developed this as a self-empowering user-friendly holistic resource hub for people to recognize the natural alternatives and choices for their health improvement and maintenance.

Many Paths to Health

Many Paths

Allopathic medicine may indeed be the right way to go. It’s just not the only way in every situation. Conventional treatment of symptoms, in many cases, can be supported or replaced with less invasive alternatives that help to eliminate the cause, boost immune function, and increase longevity and quality of life.

But who or what can you trust when there is so much criticism and attack from trusted mainstream sources about alternatives? We experienced a whole lot of confusion, doubt, and fear when, as traditionally trained dentists who believed in the medical healthcare system, persisted for years with our own serious health challenges and our allopathic doctors didn't have the knowledge or tools to help us.

This led us down a rabbit hole of trying to find information - before the advent of the Internet - for what and who could help us with our myriad of symptoms. It took a leap of faith to accept the alternative philosophies of practitioners, organizations, and therapies outside of the mainstream. The long road of rebuilding our health without medicating or invasive procedures has been gentle and everlasting, kind of like a glacier carving a strong new and permanent path as we age.

It’s Now Much Easier to Get Information

Today there is so much accessible information out there for alternatives that it can be overwhelming. We’ve been on this timeline for decades and have studied, evaluated, utilized, written and lectured about these things. Our experiences both as biological dentists helping patients with overall health and our own health struggles have given us a unique perspective.

Our vision is to help you with healthcare decisions by raising your awareness of the alternatives to conventional medical treatment and healing modalities through compiling articles from the experts – practitioners, labs, manufacturers and distributors of products, and your experiences. We also are devoting a section on information linking oral health to overall health, a missing link in both traditional and holistic plans of care.

We will break things down so that you will be able to identify what you can do on your own, value the expertise of practitioners, know the right questions to ask, understand the treatments and the consequences of going for it or not. This site will be dynamic as things change in technology, way of thinking, insurance coverage, and stage of life. We invite you, the healthcare consumer and health practitioner to share your stories so that others may benefit from your experience.

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