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An Integrative Approach to Cancer Treatment

Practitioner Spotlight with Dr. Mary Block, Integrative Physician We are speaking with Mary Ann Block, D.O., on how she approaches ...
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Telemedicine or Telehealth is the New Norm

Social Distancing Has Kept Many Healthcare Provider Offices Closed Coronavirus has changed our lives. Our healthcare providers are themselves at ...
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Traumatic Injuries Addressed with Neural Organization Technique

Practitioner Spotlight with Dr. Annalee Kitay, Chiropractor We are speaking with Dr. Annalee Kitay, DC, who is a Doctor of ...
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Root canal therapy

A High Tech Era in Root Canal Treatment

Practitioner Spotlight with Dr. Louis Shoha, Root Canal Specialist We are speaking with  Dr. Louis Shoha, DDS, MS, an Endodontist, ...
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How Biological Dentistry Can Contribute to Breakthroughs in Patients with Chronic Health Problems

Practitioner Spotlight with Dr. John Humphrey, Jr., a Holistic Dentist, and How Biological Dentistry Plays An Important Role in Achieving ...
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Energy Psychology and Anxiety

Practitioner Spotlight with Jondi Whitis, Master EFT Trainer and Advanced Practitioner We are speaking on the topic of anxiety with ...
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Get Off Meds and Get Your Life Back

Practitioner Spotlight with Danelle Aliseo, a Nurse Practitioner, Who Helps Patients Get Reversal of GI Symptoms We are speaking with ...
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Struggling with Chronic Dieting and Weight Regain

Practitioner Spotlight with Traci S. Malone, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and How She Addresses Weight Cycling We are speaking with Traci Malone,MHS, ...
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Liberate Your Headaches and Neck Pain and Be More Productive

Practitioner Spotlight with Dr. Steven Komsky, a Chiropractor, Who Can Help Those Suffering from Headaches & Neck Aches  We are ...
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Depression and Integrative Psychiatry

Practitioner Spotlight with Dr. Jodie Skillicorn, an Integrative Physician, on Her Approach to Depression We are speaking with Jodie Skillicorn, ...
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