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Nutrition with supplements

Holistic Practitioner Guest Blogger – Dr Cyrus Thomas, D.C., DNBHE, MDH (India) “Never Better Since… I improved my nutrition!” Nutritionists are expert sources on identifying the best health regimen in their field, but it seems everyone is going on-line these days to research what to do about nutrition instead.  A friend of mine was once…

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Animals Self Medicate for healing

Holistic Practitioner Guest Blogger- Beth Chamberlin What is Applied Zoopharmacognosy? Zoopharmacognosy is the practice in which wild animals self-medicate using an evolutionary adaptation in which their innate instinct enables them to communicate and relate with medicinal plants within their environment, to bring about health and wellbeing. The term zoopharmacognosy originates from Greek words, zoo (“animal”),…

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Discussing dental and physical health

You have the right to know everything about your dental treatment Being a dentist myself, with over 40 years of dental experience, I am quite familiar with the rights afforded the dental patient.  I think it is very important for you to be made aware of such rights to protect yourself from making unwise decisions…

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