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Blog: Pain


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Dry Mouth – 6 Natural Remedies to Feel Better!


Have Lingering Hot or Cold After a Dental Filling?  


How to Prevent a Dry Socket!

TMJ Clicking 2

Why Does My Jaw Click and What to Do About It?

How an Integrative Holistic Approach Improves and Maintains Health

An Integrative Doctor’s Holistic Approach to Pain

Resolve Grief to Eliminate IBS Symptoms

Resolve Grief to Eliminate IBS Symptoms

stomach ache

Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Disappear with Holistic Treatment

Lower Back Pain

A Non-Invasive Approach with Great Results for Chronic Low Back Pain

Computer headache

Computer Vision Syndrome? Naturally Eliminate Eyestrain, Neck Pain, and Headaches

Shoulder pain

Resolution of Painful Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

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