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10 Ways to Deal with Stress Naturally (Part 2 of 2) 


There is so much stress in our lives that we need many ways to put a lid on it. In Part 2 of how you can alleviate the stress in your life, you’ll learn 10 ways to deal with stress naturally, helping you feel calm and set you up for better physical and mental wellbeing. Here goes.

Keeping anxiety at bay means recognizing what is harmful and stopping it and only doing things that have a positive effect on you.

Let’s first look at sleep.  Sleep is the time when your body makes its repairs. This time is necessary for immune function, mental clarity during waking hours, as well as energy levels. When you sleep better, you perform better and feel less stressed.

****Ten Ways to Deal with Stress Naturally*****

  1. Soak in a hot bath before bedtime. The hot water is soothing. Adding a cup of Epsom’s Salts and essential oil of Lavender is calming.

2. Avoid Sugars and Caffeine. These are really chemicals that can affect your blood sugar/insulin levels, heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels. If you need a pick-me-up during the day, take a short walk. If you crave something sweet, nuts, especially macadamias, can help satisfy that sweet tooth.

3. Drink Plenty of Water. It’s always important to keep hydrated, but did you know that feeling anxious can creep up when you have not been drinking enough water. How much is adequate? Try half your weight in ounces.  Keep a bottle filled on your desk and sip all day. Know that beverages like coffee and alcohol tend to be diuretic, so match what you drink with the same amount of water.

4. Change the Channel. Turn off the news if it gets you riled up. Find something to watch that is uplifting, educational, or mindless. You will be surprised of how much better you will feel.

5. Plan Your Day. It’s good to have a written schedule that you are able to stick to. Make your goals reachable and your  timetable reasonable. If you must work after hours, make sure you give yourself at least an hour rest before bedtime.

6. Listen to Music You Love. Listen to or play your favorite music. Music can calm your cells and your soul. Sing, dance, read, cook, or just sit and do nothing.  

7. Go to a Dog Park. Positive energy exists. Just watching dogs play can help you forget the stress that burdens you. You can’t help but smile. If they’re friendly, ask to pet them and feel their love.

8. Laugh Out Loud. Watch or listen to funny movies or podcasts. Your whole attitude shifts when you laugh. This shift will allow you to become less worrisome over minor issues and can greatly improve your outlook on life, reducing stress.

9. Infuse Your Environment. Using an Essential Oil, such as lavender oil, is a great way to reduce stress levels and change mood.  Put a few drops on your pillow at bedtime or in a diffuser for the whole room during the day. Place a salt lamp in a room you work or sleep. You will find the soft orange glow and healing ions will calm you and make you feel more relaxed.

10. Keep a Journal. Write about your day, what you accomplished, and how you felt. Then write about what you want or need to do the next day. Doing this will help you sleep better. Try it.

There they are: 10 natural ways to help you reduce your stress and anxiety. Hope you found them helpful.  Take a look at the video below for additional ways to help you reduce stress naturally.   

Andy & Vinny DiLorenzo

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