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Chronic Health Symptoms Subside, Without Meds, Using Personalized DNA Targeted Nutrition


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Tiffiney Pearson, Registered Nurse

We are speaking with Tiffiney Pearson, RN, on how she creates a personalized, targeted nutrition plan using HIPAA compliant DNA testing for nutrition, skincare, sports and fitness.

Tell Us a Story About a Client Diagnosed with Lupus and MS and How You Helped Through Nutrition

Jane, age 56, had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis now over five years prior. During that time, home health practitioners assisted with activities of daily living and home therapy sessions. Jane, who had been hospitalized for months and spent time in a rehab hospital, learned to walk again. But chronic pain still plagued her.

She recently had an appointment at Stanford Medical Center to see one of the top immunologists on the West Coast for her chronic conditions. The physician reviewed all her blood work and told her that she had all the markings of a typical Lupus patient. Not wishing to take medications, Jane presented to our clinic for guidance with her nutrition.

What Was Your Course of Treatment?

Telomeres are repeating DNA sequences at the end of chromosomes which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration or from fusion with neighboring chromosomes. Studies have shown the association between the length of our telomeres and the state of our health. At our clinic, we recommend a personalized DNA targeted nutrition program which was developed to help the telomeres repair themselves and give the body what it needs for optimal functioning and healing.

Jane’s Story After Six Months of Telomere Repair

After six months where Jane should have had pain, she has no pain. She should have had joint pain, yet she has no joint pain.

“I get super tired at 5 pm every day and go to bed. But I can wake up early and exercise and live a productive day.

I had my MRI scan on Friday, and I am so happy that I am doing well with my Multiple Sclerosis: no active lesions! The reported results: Multiple supratentorial white matter lesions consistent with known diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. No “active” enhancing lesion, no new lesions, nor overall progression of lesion burden. No change from prior exam. Overall, stable exam.

I know the one difference that put my MS in remission and has kept the Lupus from affecting my life, is my personalized nutrition. My body is finally getting everything it needs nutritionally. This has helped me with my Fibromyalgia as well.

One of my favorite hobbies is riding horses which I can now do, and I recently started playing tennis again. Best of all, I can give back by working outside the home helping others navigate the healthcare system.  I am so grateful that I am all in on my wellness journey!”

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic Path?

After working with chronic pain patients for 30 years and seeing people taking prescription after prescription for their medical issues without improvement for relief, I decided to focus on wellness rather than illness. And there is always someone in need of our help and support.


I have been in healthcare for 30 years.  I started working acute care and out-patient rehab. Working in a small hospital in Sitka, Alaska, I learned to handle whatever came in the door. Later, I took on the job of hospital Nursing Supervisor for a 250-bed regional medical center.

Most of my years were spent as an Emergency Room nurse seeing people dealing with tragedy, illness, and chronic pain. Now my focus is restoring health and wellness.

Tiffiney Pearson, RN
Pasco, WA. United States

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