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Dental Implants- 5 Things You Need to Know


Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. But many people really do not know much about this widely used dental procedure.  In this blog, we’ll discuss, in simple terms, 5 Things You Need to Know About Dental Implants before you sign up for one.    

1. What is a Dental Implant?

The first thing you need to know is what a dental implant actually is and we’ll start with the most simple one, replacement of a single missing tooth. Dental Implants have been around for decades, and they are proving to be a safe and successful long term dental treatment for missing teeth. 

The implant itself is a screw-like structure that gets placed in the bone and actually integrates or connects to the bone. This implant remains below the gum and acts like the root of a tooth.  Connected to that implant are what are called the restorative parts that will be above the gum line from which, in this instance, will be a single tooth or crown.

2. What are Implants Made of?

The second thing you need to know is that there are two types of materials that implants are made from.  First is titanium, which has been used for decades and the second is zirconia or ceramic dental implants.  Ceramic implants have been gaining popularity because they do not have any metal and they are very esthetically pleasing when replacing a front tooth. For those who have metal sensitivities or who do not want to have any metals placed in the body, ceramic implants may be the best choice.

3. How Long is the Procedure?

The third thing is to be prepared for how long this procedure takes.  As stated earlier, these implants actually integrate with the bone and healing time depends on location of the implant. Upper arches have less dense bone as opposed to the lower.  On average, it takes about 3 months before implants can be used on lower jaw while upwards of 6 months for the uppers.  Timing also depends on the need to build up the bone if necessary which could add months to the process.  So be prepared!  Ask your dentist for the best way to construct something temporary in the meantime, so you don’t go toothless!

4. Finding the Right Practitioner

Number 4 and probably the most important. How do you choose the right doctor to perform this procedure?  Some questions to ask:

  • How many have they done? Is this their first or hundredth? Especially important if ceramic implants are desirable.  They require special skills.
  • What is their training? Have they gone through a formal training program or have they just taken a weekend course?
  • Do they have experience with actually restoring implants and if not, do they work with specific dentists who do?
  • Get some references. What has been their experience(s)?

5. Finally, the Cost!

Yes they are expensive.  Prices can range from as little as $1,000 to $3,000 + . That is only the implant.  You must also consider the cost of the temporary treatment plus the final restoration.  All depends on who you choose to do the work. Plus insurance is not much help.

Yes. A lot of money, but remember, it is your health. That is why it is so important to do your research.  You want this implant to last you the rest of your life!

So, there you have it.  Implants in a nutshell.  Check out our YouTube Channel to learn more about implants and other holistic views on dentistry and overall health.  If you found this blog helpful, share with your friends and family

Andy & Vinny DiLorenzo

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