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Dry Mouth – 6 Natural Remedies to Feel Better!


In this blog, I’ll be discussing six natural, palliative remedies to help protect against tooth decay and alleviate the soft tissue discomfort caused by dry mouth. As a dentist, I frequently saw patients who suffered from chronic dry mouth. Aside from the thick ropey saliva, burning tongue, cracked lips, and dry throat, the lack of saliva made it difficult to swallow, and affected digestion, speech, taste, and breath. Above all, they had extensive tooth decay and gum disease that tended to recur from sucking on candy.

Many things contribute to dry mouth and as a holistic practitioner, it’s always best to find the cause and eliminate it- if possible. Things like stopping smoking, drinking more water, eliminating sugar, learning to breathe through your nose, avoiding caffeine and alcohol that can dehydrate you, and managing stress.

But sometimes the source may be a disease or chronic illness. Most of the time, dry mouth is a side effect of medications, prescribed or over the counter. If you experience dry mouth from a medication, discuss with your health provider if there are alternative drugs or therapies.

6 Natural Remedies

1.Add moisture to the air with a cool-mist humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep

2. Hydrate to supplement drinking water and herbal teas

a.      Suck on ice cubes

b.      Eat partly frozen chunks of water-based fruits and veggies like pineapple, watermelon and cucumber

c.      East celery throughout the day

d.      Drink water mixed with juice of ½ lemon or a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar

3.Avoid commercial mouthwashes that contain alcohol which further dries the tissues

4.Stimulate saliva flow with the following:

a.      Cayenne pepper in your food if you can tolerate it

b.      Chew a piece of fresh organic ginger root

c.      Place 3-4 drops of organic extra-virgin olive oil on your tongue

d.      Drink green tea

e.      Chew fennel seeds after meals

5.Moisturize and soothe your mouth and throat

a.      Drink Slippery Elm tea

b.      Apply aloe vera gel to gums and cheeks

c.      Use coconut or grapeseed oil on lips

d.      Rinse with rosemary-infused water

6.Reduce bacteria and inflammation and freshen breath

a.      Essential oil of cinnamon – 2 drops in hot water with lemon juice and raw honey to taste

b.      Tea tree oil – combine with baking soda and coconut oil for homemade toothpaste

c.      Clove oil – 2 drops added to coconut oil and massage on gums and cheeks

d.      Spearmint oil and Eucalyptus oil – 2 drops on toothbrush or finger

Dry mouth or Xerostomia treatments can be all natural without side effects of medications or chemically laden over the counter products. The at-home natural things you can do are easy, safe, and effective for dry mouth and lips whether caused by mouth breathing, CPAP wear, medications, or auto-immune conditions. While there is no known cure, I hope this blog shows you 6 natural remedies that can help with dry mouth, for sustained relief that are pleasant and cost-effective, which can effect your speech, swallowing, sleep, and quality of life.

Check out the video below!

Andy & Vinny DiLorenzo

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