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Is My Mouth Making Me Sick?


Can my mouth really be making me sick? On a daily basis, thousands of dentists are placing all types of dental materials into their patients’ mouths without talking to them about any potential health implications. Did you know that some of these materials may actually not be good for you?  That some may actually be toxic? As holistic dentists, we want to share our views on what some of these incompatible materials are and what you can do to help avoid them!

Is what’s being put in your mouth making you sick? 

Your mouth is the entryway to your digestive tract, millimeters from your brain and the center of your emotional wellbeing, yet few discuss what products dentists use.  Well, you should talk about it! In fact, more and more people are becoming labeled as “chemically sensitive” as thousands and thousands of new chemicals are being introduced into our environment every year, many of which are not tested according to EcoWatch, a long-time leader in environmental news. Many of these chemicals are commonly used in dental materials! 

Mercury in Dental Fillings

Did you know that those dark metal fillings you see are actually made up of 50% mercury? And that it leaches out toxic mercury vapor 24/7/365, through chewing, grinding and drinking hot liquids, where it is both swallowed and inhaled! My goodness! According to the World Health Organization Mercury is highly toxic to human health so why have it in your mouth? For your own health and especially the health of your children, avoid getting another “mercury” amalgam filling again.

Dental Materials. How safe are they?

These materials have improved dramatically over the years and there are more options now than ever, but how do you know which ones are safe for you?  Will they affect you on a cellular, immunological or energetic level?  Is your immune system strong enough to handle all the challenges? How does your dentist know? Can what goes in your mouth be making you sick?

For example, crowns, bridges and dentures are commonplace and some of these contain nickel, junk metals,(which may include chromium and cobalt). The CDC, Centers for Disease Control, claims that humans can be harmed from exposure to cobalt and cobalt-containing products. Most dental procedures will include using cements, adhesives, resins, acrylics, porcelains and even the newer ceramics. All have different components and fillers that you may have a sensitivity to. 

A Healthy Solution

There is a way to learn what your body’s reaction may be to certain dental materials, but most traditional dentists may not know about it. There is an inexpensive test that a Holistic or Biological Dentist will know about, and use called a Serum Biocompatible Blood Test. This involves a simple drawing of your blood that is sent to a lab which specializes in exploring an individual’s immune reaction to over 5,000 dental materials.

With this information, the dentist can be guided into deciding what dental materials are safe to use for you that will provide a lower immunological response and reduce your toxic exposure.  Pretty cool, huh? To find a holistic dentist near you to help guide you in making those informed decisions, check out our online holistic directory.

So, we hope you found this information helpful in learning about how the materials currently used in dentistry can be making you sick and how you can stay safe in the dental office. Ask your dentist to prescribe the Biocompatibility Test for you. You both will be grateful you did.  Check out our website and online directory to find other holistic practitioners near you!

Andy & Vinny DiLorenzo

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