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How to Remove Toxins from Your Environment-Part 3


It is vital you remove toxins from your environment.  In part one, you learned about the toxins present in our environment and the health impacts. Part two gave you practical tips on avoiding or largely reducing your exposure to these toxins within your environment. In this final Part 3, you will find 7 ways to remove toxins from your environment, and your life. Let’s dive in.

7 Ways to Remove Toxins from Your environment:

1. Get 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Good sleep is so important in the repair and mobilization of cellular toxic wastes. Not getting enough restful sleep impairs your ability to restore your cells and weakens your immune system. It’s best to sleep in a darkened room with temperatures on the cooler side. Avoid eating after 8:00 PM. Keep mobile devices in another room, shut down WIFI, and use a battery alarm clock instead of an LED clock near your head.

2. Purify indoor air and deep breathe through your nose. Toxins are everywhere, but they can be hazardous and grow out of control in your home and workplace from mold, smoke, pet dander, solvents, and other pollutants. HEPA filters help remove particles, allergens, and possibly mold spores. Activated carbon filters out VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). There are many different houseplants that can help to purify the air. Leafy green plants placed in every room can filter out certain harmful compounds in the air and make it much healthier to breathe.

3. Ensure good gut health. All organs of elimination should be well functioning in order for a detox to be effective. The entire gut is so important, not only for eliminating toxic wastes, but also for having a major role in your immune system. Adding fiber, probiotics, digestive enzymes and non-GMO organic food should help you have 1-3 bowel movements a day. Work with a nutritionist for more guidance in menu planning emphasizing plant-based meals and supplements for depleted nutrients in the diet.

4. Filter your tap water and drink filtered or purified water throughout the day. A general rule is half your body weight in ounces. So, a woman weighing 130 lbs would need 65 oz of water. Two glasses of water first thing in the morning with an ounce of aloe vera juice and the juice of a half of lemon can be cleansing from nighttime repairs as well as alkalinizing.

5. Sweat it out. Sweating stimulates adipose tissue so that toxins stored in fat loosen up for release and elimination. For general toxin elimination and especially when on a weight loss program, exercise and saunas help you eliminate toxins through your skin. A cold water shower afterwards closes pores and prevents toxins from reabsorbing into your body. Check with your health professional for the appropriateness of the modalities and the monitoring of your overall health.

6. Make positive changes in your mental, emotional, and spiritual state. Eliminate in your life things that no longer serve you. Clear out the clutter in your home, car, and work environment. Reevaluate your relationships with toxic people. Stay away from upsetting news on TV or social media. Remember to always have gratitude. Take time to relax, diffuse, and be mindful with walks in nature, meditation, yoga, music, and hobbies.

7. Get a massage. There are many types of massage therapies which support detoxification by stimulating lymphatic and blood circulation. Some specialize in lymphatic drainage and myofascial release. Remember to hydrate with pure water before and after your session.

Remember from Part One of this series that you must first recognize that toxins are present in our environment, and their health impacts are real. In Part Two you learned how to curb your toxic exposures. Part Three offers (see video below) you ways to remove environmental toxins from your life. For health promoting changes, always check with your healthcare provider for safe and effective ways to detoxify, which your body will certainly thank you for.

Andy & Vinny DiLorenzo

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