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Dealing With Inner Conflict Resolution Using Parts-Therapy


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Nadija Bajrami, Strategic Hypnotherapist

We are speaking with Nadija Bajrami, who is also a Mind Coach and Psychic Medium who helps her clients achieve their goals in life.

Tell Us About Parts Therapy and How it Helps Those Who Suffer From Inner Conflicts.

Let me start out by asking how often do people experience inner conflicts that prevent them from achieving their goals?

As hypnotherapists, we often use proven techniques to help our clients change undesired habits and achieve their personal and professional goals. Yet, despite the best efforts of both our clients and us therapists, unresolved inner conflicts often prevent our clients from reaching their full potential. This is when Parts Therapy comes into play and often provides the answer.

Parts Therapy is the concept that our personality is composed of a number of various parts from our subconscious. Parts-work therapy attends to the conflicts between parts which when left unresolved can sabotage our efforts towards healing and prevent us from achieving our goals.

When thinking of inner conflicts issues and resolution, one particular client springs to mind. Holly is in her 40s, married and mother of two lovely children. When she first contacted me, she just got promoted to an executive position within the company she has been working in for the past 10 years.

Holly heard about me from another lady client I helped who suffered from anxiety, especially in her work environment where she was often selected to speak in public. Holly came to me because she related to the stress and what she used to call “a crippling anxiety”. She did not understand why she was always feeling this discomfort.

Holly told me that she had everything that most people would want to have but despite all the good things she had in her life, she could not feel happy and appreciative. In fact her mind was constantly filled with negative thoughts, always discounting the positive. She believed that the good qualities or achievements didn’t count, that anyone could accomplish what she did. Those negative thoughts had her head spinning often making her feel dizzy.

When I asked Holly what she thought was causing these thoughts, she said that she did not feel worthy of the life she had. She then said that a part of her did not feel good enough, beautiful enough, or loveable enough to have the family she had. She did not feel she was capable enough to deserve the new position she had been promoted to. Every time she was trying to enjoy herself or what she had, a part of her kept sending her those sabotaging thoughts that she just did not deserve all she had.

Holly really wanted to be happy but she just couldn’t “switch off” that part of her that kept nagging her and kept repeating that this was probably because she did not deserve to be happy.

After explaining how I work as a strategic hypnotherapist and mind coach, Holly agreed to book a first session with me.

What had the client tried before seeking you out?

Before contacting me, Holly tried conventional therapy with no results. It is important to note that she has not formally been diagnosed with any anxiety disorders and was opposed to taking psychotropic medications of any sort as she feared they could affect her personal and professional life.

Holly also signed up for some evening mindfulness and meditation classes which, she said, have been really helpful in helping her relax but the inner negative thoughts and dialogue persisted.

How did you arrive at your course of treatment of Parts Therapy?

Before taking any new client on, I always ask them to book a free therapy and coaching discovery call to make sure that working together is a good fit.

Through the initial discovery call with Holly, I understood there were parts of her in conflict. For most of the time, the self-sabotaging overbearing part of her was in the driver’s seat of her life and was preventing the wonderful, happy and confident person she was to come out in her private and professional life.

Living with this inner conflict led her to sometimes feel directionless and pushed her to always work harder and do more, feeling that she always had to prove herself as otherwise she couldn’t avail of anything good or feeling worthy of all the good existing in her life.

What modalities or therapies did you implement and what was the outcome of the services you provided?

First session: I used a symptomatic hypnotherapy intervention, the Cloud Metaphor to help Holly shift her entrenched beliefs and negative self-talk. The Cloud Metaphor is not the therapy itself but a way to create the time and space Holly needed during therapy to accept new and positive reprogramming to be able to handle every situation with calm and confidence. This helped the therapy to move along at a brisk pace without interfering with any coping skills Holly may have developed to help her deal with past failure and limiting beliefs.

We mapped Holly’s limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and the way it made her think, feel and act. I used the Cloud Metaphor to effectively discharge the symptoms of Holly’s problem and negative thoughts, feelings and actions.

Second session: We expanded the work with the self-sabotaging thoughts and used another symptomatic intervention, the Mirror Therapy, helping Holly forgiving herself for her past failures and for not being there for herself so that she can look forward to her future with a sense of certainty that things will work out just fine.

Third session: I used Parts Therapy to communicate with the sabotaging part of her personality and harness the power of positive intention. I helped the part of her that was sabotaging her efforts and making her feeling unworthy of a happy life to work for her and not against her.

We acknowledged that this conflict part was an important part of Holly’s subconscious mind and acknowledged its positive intention. I then asked that specific part to explore some more beneficial ways of working to help Holly. The goal was to find an agreement between parts and once agreement has been met, I returned all parts to their relevant internal roles.

I also used some short mind coaching sessions in between to help Holly keep up the good work and remain accountable to herself and her goals.

This 3-session therapeutic plan has helped Holly see things differently, step into her power, optimize the way she lived her life and allowed her to accept herself and reach her full potential.

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic, Integrative, or Natural Health Path?

I chose to become a hypnotherapist and coach a few years back when I was experiencing a number of health issues which lead me to research alternative methods in addition to common medicinal practices.

Between 2014 and 2015, I did go through some serious health issues and realized that my body giving up on me could also probably have something to with my mindset. I wanted a quick “mind fixer” as I used to call hypnotherapists at the time. And I found a lady in the French town I was living in at the time. I went to my first appointment doubting the outcome.

This was the first step to my new life. Not only that lady helped me get back on tracks physically and emotionally and follow the right path in my personal life, but she has also truly inspired me to find my true calling, hypnotherapy and mind coaching.

She has made me realize and understand that our life is ruled at 95% by our subconscious mind and that rewiring our subconscious mind helps us heal our body and take the necessary steps to reach our true potential.

I am also a working psychic-medium and I put to good use my connection to Spirit World by relaying their loving messages to their living loved ones. This is again another proof of the amazing healing the holistic path can help create.

I also love being able to let people know that they have options for their healing.

I know I will not stop here on the holistic path and I am excited about the prospect of acquiring new skills and helping even more people.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Professional Experiences Taught You and What Has Been the Effect on Your Lifestyle?

To be honest, I don’t even know where to start… The lessons keep coming into my life. My work, my clients and my personal experiences have allowed me to explore parts of myself that probably would have stayed nicely hidden if I hadn’t take the path I am on.

First of all, I now fully understand that we are all worthy of love and of having a happy life, that we all matter and that we are all enough.

My work and clients have helped me fully realize that we all have the needed resources within ourselves and that we just need that little bit of help to unlock them in order to reach our full potential and get the life we deserve and desire.

I want to learn more and more to help even more people. Thanks to what I do, I have become more compassionate, more patient with others and with myself and have learnt to take a step back when needed.

Helping my clients overcome their challenges and reach their goals has also helped me grow into the best version of myself.

Seeing people getting the life they deserve is my biggest reward and knowing I have contributed to that give me a real sense of joy and is just so rewarding.


French by birth, I have lived in Scotland for years and have travelled the world. I have been living in Dublin since 2017 and I absolutely love it.

I have an international trade, business management and corporate background and even though I have been enjoying that path for years, I have always known that I wanted to do something to help people take full control of their life, achieve their goals, go above and beyond and just be the best version of themselves.

I hold a double diploma in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching and have been fully trained in Dublin, Ireland, by Susan Wallace from Hypnotherapy Business Academy. I have also been fully trained in online therapy.

I am also a GHR and CNHC registered and accredited practitioner for Hypnotherapy, and a psychic-medium.

And through my own style of hypnotherapy, mind coaching and mediumistic skills, I do my utmost to help people take full control of their life, grow, find their own path and get the life they desire and deserve – as no challenge is too big for their mind!

Nadija Bajrami
Strategic Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach
Nadija Bajrami Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach and Psychic Medium
Dublin 22
Dublin, Ireland

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