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Energy Psychology and Anxiety


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Jondi Whitis, Master EFT Trainer and Advanced Practitioner

We are speaking on the topic of anxiety with Jondi Whitis, who works with the body’s own energy memory and sensations to achieve balance and wellbeing.

Tell Us a Story About a Client with Anxiety and How Energy Psychology Helped

As an Energist, working with the body’s own energy memory and sensations, I duly note a client’s classic diagnosis. However I have found that the primary information source is always the client themselves.

One of my favorite client cases, Melanie, reported general anxiety issues, early childhood abuse and insecure attachment. Melanie had experienced a variety of therapeutic interventions during childhood and as a teen, which she admitted, had only served to shut her down and further estrange her from her parents. Melanie described these shutdowns lasting two to three days. She recalled that when upset or re-activated by family interactions, she was unable to enjoy nominal jobs and relationships. This feeling has been carried forward into her marriage.

I employ Energy Psychology (EP) with my clients. EP is a wide field of holistic health care practices that recognizes the body’s energetic foundations, as laid out in Chinese Medicine over the last several thousand years. Accessing and re-balancing the energy of life force (QI) of the body is accomplished with percussive fingertip Tapping along the body’s energy channels called meridians.

Using a variety of Energy Psychology (EP) tools, including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Melanie was able to comfortably process current upsets. She could then gradually retrieve more historical events which required very careful handling and pacing to her gradually expanding window of tolerance. Using slow and calming pacing, we created enough comfort in the process to access, deconstruct and neutralize these distressing past events. Now released to long-term memory, Melanie could discuss these past experiences without tears or re-activation.

Since that time, Melanie has continued to grow and thrive. She has made significant positive changes in her relationships with her self-image and with her family members and has since even successfully born a healthy child. Melanie, an abuse victim who suffered daily anxiety issues, now reports feeling very proud of her continued success and process as a survivor and thriver.

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic Path?

I chose this field for its efficiency, speed, ease of use, flexibility and self-empowering foundations.

Over the past 15 years I have been struck by the burgeoning energy field for its ability to create speedy recovery and rebuild self-trust. The tools I use are famously effective at three levels:

  1. First, for self-care, as we re-learn our incredible natural design, and how to take care of ourselves
  2. Secondly, its peer-to-peer care, that feature ways to deeply share and relieve distress and discomfort, without traumatizing those who have volunteered to help us
  3. Third, in practiced hands, the EP tools work therapeutically at the deepest and most profound levels to recover and retrieve our innate wisdom and power.

It is truly a remarkable suite of tools, and features well over 100 clinical field trial studies published in peer-reviewed journals and three meta-studies. More are in review as I write.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Personal Experiences Taught You?

Great question.

  • Personally that we always know the truth, even when we’re not aware of it.
  • That we are powerfully and miraculously made, and have only to access these powers and put them into routine use. That is where trainers and practitioners come in – to help people learn the tools and how to use them with skill and grace.
  • The mind-body paradigm is joined by emotional wisdom in EP work. Its abilities to use cognitive, somatic, neurological, limbic system and nervous system/vagal communication simultaneously is a quantum leap over things I learned earlier in life that were merely allopathic or cognitive.
  • Further, the elegance of its tiny algorithms (steps in a protocol) make it easily taught, remembered and applied by the client themselves, as they are ready.
  • As an added benefit, its feature of constant testing also provides the practitioner and the client with real-time feedback and validation.

What Would You Like Your Clients to Know About Your Services that They May Not be Aware of?

I would like potential users to know that a first-hand experience of the protocols is worth more than anything I can tell them. It is truly a ‘People’s Toolbox’ and I am enthusiastically waiting to show them what might be possible in their own lives, using these tools.

Typically clients come to me for issues that we approach together, learn the tools as we work together, and then gradually take over the self-treatment as they feel comfortable and safe to do so.

Any Additional Comments About Your Services…

I watch with interest the amount of holistic and alternative directories growing, and hope it is the anticipated wave of quantum medicine and whole-health care we’ve long awaited. Thank you for creating this service.


Jondi Whitis has a BA in Psychology and Marketing from Georgia State University.

She is an Accredited Certified Advanced Practitioner and Master Trainer of Trainers for the original EFT Association, EFTinternational, and an active member of its Training Board.

Jondi is an author, community creator, and former NYC schools Teaching Artist, Film/TV producer, and podcaster.

Being an integral member of the Energy Psychology (EP) community for years, Jondi matches a variety of field-tested and peer-reviewed protocols to each client, for clarity, stress-release and deconstruction of troubling memories and painful conditions.

A secondary but equally powerful feature of Jondi’s work is re-empowering clients to access their own innate wisdom, and rebuild trust in their capabilities. Note, this is a very different approach than Newtonian, allopathic medical protocols.

Jondi Whitis, MTOT
Trainer/Advanced Practitioner
Brooklyn, NY  United States

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