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Healing From Feeling Abandoned and Insecure


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Beatriz Bolaños Soto, Holistic Therapist

We are speaking with Beatriz Bolaños Soto, an Alternative Therapist on her metaphysical approach to helping clients achieve wholeness.

Tell Us a Story About a Client Who Struggled with Relationships and How You Helped

Annie is a client who approached me because she felt overwhelmed and at a dead end. Growing up, her father was rarely present and he totally abandoned the family when she was still a child. Now as an adult, Annie feels that she is incapable of establishing healthy relationships with men. She also believes that she is undeserving of a harmonious serious relationship, although she craves it.

Here were my observations:

Because as a child, Annie did not receive love from her father. In the present time, she does not know how to receive love from any man and therefore does not manage to channel a harmonious relationship. She also does not feel the security of sharing her love with a man for fear of abandonment.

What Was Your Holistic Approach?

The first thing I did, and always do, is active listening. This lasted approximately one hour and forty minutes.

In subsequent sessions, I was able to guide Annie with relaxation techniques in order to align her mind, body and spirit to an alpha frequency which would allow her to observe any blockages she had.

When in this relaxed state, we could start listening to the body to localize the energies of the emotional trauma. Once localized, Annie was able to recount the stories related to those energies. From that recognition, we did a forgiveness session with the people related to the stories.

Continuing with our sessions, Annie finished returning energies that did not belong to her and recall back the energies that others may have been carrying that did belong to her. One example was Annie was able to recover the energy that she gave to her mother due to the absence of her father.

Annie is now more confident with herself and moving on in a positive direction in her life.

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic Path?

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and received chemotherapy. When I finished treatment, I decided I wanted to help people recover from this disease without having to go through such an invasive treatment.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Personal Experiences Taught You?

We are able to heal ourselves. Medicine is inside and not outside.

I was injured once doing Kundalini Yoga. I had burned the nerve in my right foot and decided to recover by doing therapy on myself. I started a process doing Angel Therapy and today I can walk, exercise and share my medicine, a medicine of healing that lives inside us, a medicine that we can transform the information of our body if we are willing to dialogue with our soul and forgive the people who hurt us including ourselves.


I am 29 years old, survivor of ovarian cancer. I am an alternative therapist and parapsychology teacher having graduated from the Hungarian International School of Metaphysics and Spiritual Sciences.

Presently, I dedicate myself to sharing the medicine that I carry, a heart that listens and a heart that speaks from love. I like to listen to people and generate a feeling of relief and happiness. I walk to give happiness, to give love.

My tools have been given to me by the metaphysical school but I am also a Moon Dancer, an event for people who ask for it, that unites humans and earth, upholding individuals and community and touching oneness between Earth and Sky.

Beatriz Bolaños Soto
Holistic Therapist
Healing Seed
Caribe Sur, Limon, Costa Rica

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