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How Creativity Coaching Helps You Get a Grip on Life


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Susan Korsnick, a Wellness Coach, Visionary Thinker, Artist, and Teacher

We are speaking with Susan Korsnick: Artist, Writer, Creatively Fit Coach, and Event Facilitator on the topic of how to juggle life’s challenges and achieve balance.

Tell Us a Story About a Client Who Was Feeling Overwhelmed in Life and How You Helped

“Grace” is a successful, educated businesswoman in her mid-40s with a husband and pre-teen daughter. To the outside world, she has it all but to Grace, she’s juggling a lot and trying to keep all the balls in the air. She’s an overwhelmed perfectionist who is afraid that if anyone really got to know her, they’d see that she isn’t as “together” as they think.

Too many people count on her to give a 100%

Grace manages employees, her family, and other commitments. But, the one who ends up last on the to-do list is always Grace. She has trouble sleeping, always feels tired, and worries that she’ll let someone down. She rarely takes a day off and when she does, her day gets filled with all that she thinks needs to be done… rarely fun or relaxation. She’s too busy and keeps on going, even when she feels like she has nothing left to give. She knows that she can’t keep running at this pace.

Grace wonders what would really make her happy

This tired, restless, stressed, overwhelmed, and not quite happy woman couldn’t quite articulate the source of her problem. As Grace put it, she feels “disconnected” from her Self. She’s been the manager, mother, wife, etc… but wonders who she really is behind all the labels.

When the stress and exhaustion started taking a toll on her physical health, she contacted me for a coaching consultation. I learned that Grace has lots of interests and dreams but hasn’t pursued them in a long time. She was so ready for a change but wasn’t quite sure what that would look like. She was quick to tell me she loves her job and her family. “It’s not that. I just don’t know who I am anymore.” With that, I knew I could help her.

What had your client tried before seeking you out?

Grace read a variety of personal development books and had her spiritual beliefs that she clarified were “spiritual more than religious”. She believes in the value of energy work, massage, and yoga but with her work and family commitments, she couldn’t commit to any consistently. She was adamant, however, that she wanted something she could continue to do on her own that would would feed her heart, mind, and soul. I quickly came to realize that Grace and I would need to be creative and come up with something that would be empowering, relaxing, and nourishing…something that would not put any pressure on her.

How did you arrive at your course of treatment?

During the initial free phone consultation, I asked Grace a series of questions that would help me determine if we were a good match. It was clear almost immediately that we would work well together. What Grace wanted (and needed) was within my realm to provide.

As a Creatively Fit Coach, I listen to what’s not being said as well as what is being said. When Grace had difficulty answering some of the questions, it was crystal clear to me that this highly successful, respected, and loved woman had a hard time accepting and loving herself. And she added, “I don’t even know who I am anymore.”

I explained the several service options I offer. Grace agreed to working together for nine 2-hour sessions, once every other week. As maintenance, we would continue to meet monthly for ongoing support and encouragement.

What modalities or therapies did you implement and what was the outcome of the services you provided?

I use creative expression and mindful practices to help my clients strengthen their relationship with their intuition and Divine Feminine archetypes that live within all women:

  • The Lover
  • The Mystic
  • The Maiden
  • The Mother
  • The Wild Woman
  • The Wise Woman
  • The Healer
  • The Warrior
  • The Muse

Each woman has these aspects of Self in some measure. There are some that resonate with us more than others. It’s those that we don’t connect with or shy away from that need to be explored more deeply and embraced. For Grace, it was her Wild Woman and Mother.

Some potential clients stiffen when I say we’ll be using creativity to connect more deeply to themselves. “But I’m not an artist”, is a typical initial response. This isn’t about being an artist; it’s about opening to possibilities and allowing yourself to have fun without the inner critic or fear stopping you. There is no one who must be pleased and no expectation of a masterpiece being created. It’s pure exploration and self-discovery- getting out of the mind and into higher wisdom.

I created a safe, sacred space for Grace. As I do for all clients, whether in a group event or a one-on-one coaching session, I take into account what they need and then customize the experience. Some common components are breathwork, guided visualizations, and creative expression.

I deliberately keep things moving at a quick pace because it is imperative that the client not have time to overthink or judge themselves. When self-judgement got in the way for Grace, we found ways for her to get beyond that to a place where she could open more freely to the creative, intuitive side of herself.

I remember one session when Grace laughed after it slipped out that she was doing something she thought was what I wanted. I warmly acknowledged, “There is no ‘pleasing the teacher’ here! This is all about YOU.”

Grace learned some quick, simple activities she could do at home to continue the work we did together… taking back her power and learning to love herself… her whole Self.

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic Path?

I initially chose this path to deepen my own self-awareness. I was like many of my clients – busy and stressed. When I had downtime, I didn’t have the energy to do much. I couldn’t sleep and the demands of life plus those I put on myself were impacting my health and relationships. I got tired of letting fear stop me and tired of being tired.

One day, I heard the word “Home”. I took it literally and stayed home for a few days. Then, I realized it meant coming home to my Self. I needed to take back my power, love myself more, and cultivate a deeper relationship with my intuition.

I’ve always seen creativity as a way to connect to the deepest part of me as well as the Divine. Once I tapped into that, everything else became clearer. And once clear, life was so much easier to navigate.

By choosing to walk a path of LOVE instead of fear, I was able to release what no longer serves me, recognize what I want by listening to my inner wisdom and my heart, and courageously make new choices so I can live and share my best life.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Personal Experiences Taught You?

First and foremost, everything is connected – mind, body, emotions, and spirit. If one is out of balance or neglected, all aspects of Self suffer. We have to love ourselves enough to recognize this and want to change.

Second, intuition (inner wisdom) is a guide that always leads us in the right direction… always. Thoughts and emotions can feed off fear and run wild with us. To transcend that fear and open to inner wisdom is life changing. Our intuition is wise, calm, loving, and completely trustworthy. It’s something within each of us that we can access anytime.

Third, creativity is a magical portal to our inner wisdom. Through art journaling, painting, sculpting, and even doodling and scribbling, we can tap into our intuition and the divine within us. Creative expression is playful and nonthreatening. It relaxes mental chatter and emotional upheaval and in so doing, it brings peace, balance, and confidence to trust one’s Self. Creative Expression can be deep and profoundly meaningful. It can be life changing… and life-enhancing!


Susan Korsnick is an Artist, Writer, Creatively Fit Coach, Journey of Young Women Coach, Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner, nature lover, and connoisseur of fine coffee and chocolate. I also have 20 years teaching experience in the public and private sectors.

“I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember with experience with many mediums. Everything I create, from my original art to retreats, focuses on my belief that life is a journey of LOVE. This journey begins with loving your Self then radiating that love into the world to affect change.”

Since 2008, I have been the creator and facilitator of women’s and girl’s events that focus on creativity and mindful practices connecting participants more deeply to their intuition, personal power, and divine feminine within.

Education: Masters of Education; Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art; Art Education K-12 Certificate; Certified Creatively Fit Coach; Certified Journey of Young Women Coach; Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner; Usui Reiki Practitioner

Susan Korsnick
Artist, Writer, Creatively Fit Coach, Event Facilitator, Coaching- Wellness
Susan Korsnick Art and Soul
York, Pennsylvania   United States

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