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Past Life Regression Therapy – a Tool for Gaining Clarity in the Present


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Pamela Aloia, an Energy Worker

We are speaking with Pamela Aloia, an Energy Worker who uses Past Life Regression Therapy as a healing modality.

Tell Us a Story About How Past Life Regression Therapy Helped a Client Gain Clarity on Choosing a Career

It’s difficult to come up with just one individual who I’ve worked with as there have been so many people who have been positively affected by experiencing a Past Life Regression Therapy session that enabled and promoted tremendous understanding and clarity in their present life. The idea is to release any patterns or emotions that may be hindering us from moving forward or living more freely in this lifetime.

In our Past Life Regression Therapy sessions, we spend a bit of time discussing what we would like for the goal of the session to be so we can work with Spirit on the most appropriate lifetime to review.

I suppose one unique experience that comes to mind is David, a gentleman in his early 20s who had been quite stressed and anxious for months. He had worked with me in other energetic modalities in his teenage years and this time he reached out to see if energy work could help him clear through some limiting patterns of behavior so he could gain clarity on what direction to take with one of his careers. At this point, he felt completely in the dark on what his next steps could be.

David knew of my work with Past Life Regression Therapy, but before considering it, he attempted to clear his recognized mental and emotional blocks by discussing these things with various industry leaders and educational advisors, as well as attempting extreme exercise and journaling. Regrettably, most of what he tried seemed to get him more anxious and uptight about his future.

I asked David where he would like to go with his experiences and scheduled session. In addition to wanting clarity on his career, David apparently always had an interest in what past lives he had due to unique interests he had in this lifetime. He figured by experiencing a Past Life Regression Therapy session he could gain the potential clarity he was looking for and simultaneously learn more about another or other lifetimes that may have carried over into this one. So we ventured forth on the agreed path forward of a Past Life Regression Therapy session.

Filling in a Void with Past Life Regression Therapy

A typical Past Life Regression Therapy session lasts about 2-3 hours. David and I discussed what he would like to get out of the session and which approach would likely have the biggest impact. We then spent some time with him lying on a massage table and guiding him through a relaxation exercise before bringing David to the past life that Spirit thought was most appropriate for him.

Interestingly when we got on the table and were ready to do the Past Life Regression, David was brought to a vast empty space he noted as the Void. We applied appropriate techniques to explore the void to move out of that space, yet he could not be removed. After a long bit of time, he grew quite frustrated and we had little choice but to end the session, definitely not what either of us had hoped for or expected to happen. It was a bit awkward for both of us and we parted with positive words to one another.

Three days later, I receive a call from David saying he understood why he was brought to the Void in the session. Synchronistically, he was reading a book on a separate topic and the Void was referenced in the work. From this, David then understood that in order for him to move forward in any chosen career, he needed to embrace the Void and from it learn to generate something organic in a different way than he had up to that point in his life. The experience was exactly what he needed to move forward.

Within a few months he was on track with additional schooling and jobs to align his plan – all by embracing the Void. It continues to fascinate me that we never know what is going to come up in a session. Trusting and surrendering to what Spirit shares is always the best path forward. 😊

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic Path?

I chose to become an energy worker many years ago when I was experiencing a number of physical issues which lead me to research alternative methods in addition to regular Western medicinal practices. I found that energy work alleviated about 80% of the symptoms and issues I was having. Between energy work and a minor surgery I was able to completely alleviate my physical symptoms. When I realized how effective energy work was for me I knew I needed to explore and learn as much as I could about it and that I had to share it with as many people as possible.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Personal Experiences Taught You?

Wow – where to begin – the lessons just keep coming. Lessons like:

  • We all need to stop judging (ourselves and others)
  • We are all good enough
  • We are all worthy
  • We are all connected
  • We are all going through something
  • We all deserve the best
  • We deserve to be supported
  • We deserve love
  • We all need to be open to learning and growing
  • We are here to uplift each other and humanity – one moment at a time


Pamela Aloia is an energy healer and author, who has focused the last 20 years on a variety of techniques for individual and collective energy healing. She has experience in hospice and bereavement, is a certified Grief Coach, a life-long martial arts practitioner, and a 25-year veteran in the corporate world.

In 2003, she started Sol Angel, an energy center, and continues to provide insight and instruction for people to expand their consciousness, encourage and support self-discovery, and create enhanced life experiences.

Pamela has written numerous health and wellness articles both online and in print. She has authored the books, “52 Pick Me Up”, “Rescuer Mindset”, “Nurturing Healthy Change”, and her recent title just released June 2020, “The Daily Cloak”, a spiritual guide to energetic clearing and protecting.

With this diverse background, Pamela combines practical and heartful aspects to provide awareness, vision, and support for others to live soul-filled lives. She guides people to understand themselves so balanced decisions can be made and living in alignment internally and externally is possible and achievable.

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