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Interior Home Design and Feng Shui


Our Holistic Spotlight is on Interior Design with Feng Shui for Enjoyment and Health 

S. Lee Wright, Guest Blogger for

We are speaking with S. Lee Wright who brings Feng Shui into her Interior Designs to bring joy and good health into the lives of her clients.

Explain How Interior Home Design is Much More Than Just a Pretty Space

Everything is interconnected. The interior design of spaces deeply impacts the quality of your own life and that negative or positive energy ripples out. A healthy space that is eco-friendly and sustainably designed can provide clarity in life. That can make an impact resulting in a better world.

My vision is to co-create sustainable, safe spaces that support each person so that they can live and work with more care for genuine happiness, a more authentic life, and a healthier environment.

How Do You Achieve This With Interior Design?

We initiate interior design incorporating Feng Shui, an ancient approach to the mindful arrangement of the environment. Spaces you live and work in can impact the quality of your health, your mental wellbeing, and your overall success. We like to start out with a strong home foundation.

Feng Shui gives us the tools needed to mend issues and problem areas of energy leakages. The methodology incorporates:

  • Layout of furniture
  • Architectural arrangement of the space
  • Decoration and artwork
  • Lighting
  • Direction
  • Overall ambiance in the environment

Changes can be made through rearrangement of the space, be it with furniture or renovations. The interior design is made in a manner that is fitting with the context of the homeowner, not causing undue additional stress, be it financial or mental.

What Results Have You Experienced With Changes in Interior Design Influenced by Feng Shui?

In the process, the client often experiences a sense of control and empowerment, a shifting of the relationship with themselves and their space, less stress, and unexpected joy.

Since the pandemic, we have had a surge of people expressing problems with sleep and an inability to work efficiently in their home office.  An example is Esther, a transformational coach who recently requested us to assess her home. We discovered that there were some issues with the artwork in the bedroom resulting in an energetic cloud in this space. There were also items blocking the use of her closet – a broken door and excess clutter.

The solutions were really quite simple and included:

  • The replacement of the artwork, the removal of one piece
  • The repair of the broken door
  • The reorganization of the closet interiors
  • Follow-up with a customized ritual to bless the space with love and respect.

These simple remedies allowed for restful sleep patterns to return which also resulted in a more productive home-work balance.

Results from several clients speak volumes as recorded in a few testimonials.


“I had the most wonderful Feng-Shui consultation. I sensed for a long time that there was something off with our apartment that I could not just decorate away. In our consultation, Lee was able to identify some significant energy leaks and give me easy to implement tips to remedy them… My husband and I had so much fun following her advice. In addition, I am happy to report that the changes helped improve the two areas I most wanted support with: Money and relationship.”

Esther D., Transformational Coach


“I hired Lee to help me transform my space. By the end of the project not only did I have a beautiful room, but I learned a tremendous amount about design and more importantly about myself. She was able to create a space that I love because she cared enough to learn about me; what I like and dislike; what I wanted from the space; what I wanted from my life. I felt that working with Lee was not a project, but a brief journey during which I was encouraged to think deeply and reflect honestly about myself. And it was like this for me simply because of the way Lee approached it.”


” The overwhelming task of completing a full-gut renovation of a small studio apartment on a modest budget and as quickly as possible, after the passing of my mother made Lee the perfect designer to work with… The tiny studio was transformed from a neglected mess into a welcoming home. Lee managed to outline the process in a way we could follow and participate in all within our modest budget and tight schedule. In addition, Lee used sustainable and eco-friendly sources! Lee’s design transformation of my Mother’s dingy apartment is a masterpiece!”


After working in the corporate Architectural arena for over a decade in NYC and London, I recognized the need for a more holistic approach to how our spaces impacted us. Often in office space design, the end user is not the main consideration as budgets and schedules often won the battle in the corporate world. I wanted to operate from a perspective that puts the client’s needs as the top priority.

My design business was started on a passionate whim to make a better world one space at a time. I wanted to educate and empower people to transform their own spaces for a better life, and to be more eco-friendly for us all. My holistic approach was the foundation because I understood that everything is connected, and we needed to start educating and helping everyone else to understand this.

It felt and still does to this day, that when people acknowledge the power that our spaces have on our wellbeing, we will be eco-friendlier and more sustainable, healing the earth at the same time.

Always the student and seeker, I have studied many holistic modalities – including Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Feng Shui and Green Design – which I incorporate into my work. Also, I felt that the old-fashioned approach to designing spaces – just to be pretty and only for the lucky few who could afford it – was a broken system that needed to be replaced. My company came from the dream that all people deserve to have great spaces that work in alignment with them and with the world. Empowering people to take ownership of the mindful arrangement of their spaces and our greater environment is the key difference to our approach, allowing an on-going flow between you and your spaces that allows for a healthier future for everyone.

S. Lee Wright

Holistic Interior Designs

San Sebastian, Donostia, Spain

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