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Being Mindful of Your Healthcare


Ask yourself right now, how does my body feel? What am I thinking about? What emotions are surfacing? By paying attention at this moment, you are being mindful. Why is it important? Many say that your stress level reduces, your mood elevates, and your physical health can improve. Let’s take mindfulness into the realm of the different paths in healthcare and notice your sensations, thoughts, and attitude.

Are You Mindful of Your Self Care?

Healthy LivingHealth, happiness, and longevity result when there is contentment and balanced energy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Self-care is being mindful of what you can do with good nutrition, exercise, and sleep to bring about and preserve health and prevent medical conditions. A Healthy lifestyle also involves handling stress, managing finances, and nourishing your relationships. Notice how you feel about each of these things and what you are willing to do to make yourself whole.

Being Mindful of Your Medical Care

 How you feel about your medical care is your barometer of the path you should take.

Ponder the following mindfulness questions:

  • Are your symptoms masked or eliminated?
  • Are your doctors looking for the cause of your symptoms or just treating with medications or surgery?
  • Are your current or proposed treatments worth the risks?
  • Are you satisfied with your health and wellbeing?
  • Would you like to wean off prescription drugs?
  • Are you fearful of a bad outcome if you change direction?
  • How does your doctor react to integrating alternatives as part of your treatment?
  • Does your doctor have adequate knowledge of alternative therapies?
  • Are your friends and family influencing your decisions?

Mindfulness of Alternatives

All practitioners, allopathic and holistic, put attention on effectiveness of treatment. Practitioners of Alternative Medicine look at the whole person and don’t just treat the disease. Most take the stance that the body is capable of healing itself by bringing systems into balance and boosting the immune system by considering detoxification, lifestyle, nutrition, stress levels, and emotional states.

  • Do you have a belief that alternatives can be effective?
  • Are you willing to make changes to your lifestyle?
  • Are you committed to taking charge of your own health?
  • Is your family supportive of alternatives?
  • How do you feel about paying out of pocket?

Being Mindful of What To Do

What do you do when health insurance covers conventional medical treatment such as drugs and surgery, but pays nothing for less invasive treatments that can help with healing? Life is full of gambles, choices, and priorities.

It’s important to get enough sleep. Stress management adds years to your life. Eating more healthfully and not rushing through meals can have great effects for bodily systems.

Consider what you are willing to do with self care.

  • Be mindful of spending
  • Consider using moderation for everything
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Walk a mile or more a day
  • Sit quietly in nature
  • Listen to music instead of watching TV

When you are mindful of how and when you foster your well-being, you prevent illness, don’t lose time from work, save money and enjoy your life more.

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