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How Yoga Can Help With Mobility, Strength, and Balance at Any Age


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Camellia Jakominich, Yoga Instructor and Physical Therapy Assistant.

We are speaking with Camellia Jakominich,  PTA/RYT 200,  and her approach to improving quality of life for individuals suffering from age related and post-surgical limitations.

Tell Us a Story About an Ageing Client and How Chair Yoga Helped

I have a long-standing client, Marian, who is 81 years old and suffers from age-related osteoarthritis in both hips and knees.  Marian is a single woman with no children. She is now retired but worked in the healthcare industry as an office manager for a doctors group.  After having surgeries on both hips, Marian still complains of stiffness, soreness and limited mobility.  Complicating matters, at the end of last year, she lost her balance which resulted in a fall and a tibial (leg) fracture. Despite that, Marian is active and independent.

What had Marian tried before and what was your approach?

Marian has been prescribed physical therapy and pain medicine. She has a pool where she lives and uses it to exercise. But wanting to feel more confident with her movement and balance, Marian came to me to try chair yoga.

The way I conduct my chair yoga classes is through seated and standing activities that test mobility throughout the upper and lower body as well as through the core/trunk.  I also test balance in standing both supported and unsupported.

In observing my client, I noted she had a difficult time with some of the mobility tasks for her hips as well as her left shoulder.  I also noted her single leg balance was limited, which could be a sign of future falls.

What was the outcome of the services you provided?

I began chair yoga one-on-one sessions with Marian that were in person for several weeks once per week, later switching to virtual sessions, without any issues, as the winter months approached.

For over a year and a half now, Marian has been consistently practicing chair yoga once a week, either in class or virtually and her progress is notable.

  • Balance is much better, being able to stand on a single leg without upper body support (ie holding on to an object).
  • Flexibility and strength have improved
  • Fall risk has decreased

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic Path?

I chose a career in healthcare due to a long history with ill parents.  My father had died at the young age of 55.  He had encouraged me to go into Physical Therapy when I was in grade school and I had volunteered to make sure that I was able to handle working in an environment filled with illness.

After graduating from Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) school in 1995,  I was able to help my mother with my father’s illness until his death, and then I was able to care for my mother with her varied illnesses. My experience with illness and grief has given me a more compassionate perspective for my patients.

When I was 27 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis .  I was looking forward to getting married and having children, but was very debilitated.  So I did my own therapy in the pool and worked to get my mobility back.  I am currently off all medications specifically for the disease and am proud to say I am able to perform most activities without pain.

I began taking yoga 14 years ago and fell in love with it.  Three years ago I decided to get certified as a yoga instructor.  Then I decided to start my own business for yoga.  Over the last three years in business, I have created this yoga business to be focused on increasing mobility, increasing balance and offering yoga to anyone who wants to try it.  EZENtial Yoga is for everyone.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Personal Experiences Taught You?

I have practiced physical therapy for over 25 years and have been teaching yoga for the last three years.

  1. The first thing I have learned is patience.
  2. I have also learned that people deal with illness and their health in different ways.
  3. I also know that genetics is not the entire picture of ones health outcome.
  4. You can prevent some diseases by taking care of your health.
  5. You can have a quality life well into your later years in life by exercising and eating a healthy diet.

I also know that I am a vehicle to spread that word.


Camellia Jakominich graduated with a Bachelor of Arts – BA focused in Psychology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, as well as an Associates of Science – AS in Physical Therapy from Harcum College.

Camellia Jakominich is an experienced Yoga Instructor and Owner of eZENtial Yoga LLC.

With a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness and fitness industry, Camellia Jakominich is skilled in Outpatient Orthopedics, Yoga Instruction, Public Speaking, Social Media, and Geriatric Rehabilitation.

Camellia Jakominich is currently working in Outpatient Physical Therapy in Aquatics for Strive Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation as well as teaching virtual live yoga sessions. She is also working with clients with fitness and introducing the healthy habit of exercise into their lives.  Her passion is to someday own her own yoga and wellness center with the mission of bringing yoga, exercise and nutrition to anyone who has a desire to improve their health.

Camellia Jakominich, PTA/RYT 200
Yoga Instructor/Owner; Physical therapist Assistant
EZENtial Yoga LLC
Moorestown, NJ. United States

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