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Reducing Oxidative Stress Damage to Improve Health and Athletic Performance


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Rowena Gates on How Technology Can Help Alleviate Oxidative Stress Damage

We are speaking with Rowena Gates, a Medical Device Supplier, on how important it is to reduce the damage caused by oxidative stress

Tell Us a Story of How Vitality and Performance Was Enhanced With Technology

You May be More Like a Race Car Driver Than You Think

Meet John. Like so many other people in their 60s, his goal is to stay vital and perform his best -regardless of age. The story below is about enhancing vitality and performance, something most of us strive for. The technology discussed is about promoting well-being and performance and should be noted that it is also widely used to address chronic illness.

John is a retired business owner and executive who started endurance race car driving in his late 50s. Although an extreme case, John’s story is relevant for the rest of us – and more fun than most.

To set the stage, a typical driver starts racing in carts at a young age and is already an excellent driver by his or her (mostly his) late teens or early twenties. Endurance racing favors youth so a driver who started in his 50s and wins races in his 60s is worthy of a closer look.

Unlike most of us, when John is driving, he is making a life-important decision every second or two. As race car driver, John needs extremely high executive function and concentration. He must respond to other cars, corners, and climate on a second-by-second basis.

In addition, endurance race car driving is very physically demanding. John drives at speeds exceeding 250 kilometers per hour on the world’s longest and most dangerous racetrack – and he keeps this up for an hour or more at a time, a tremendous physical challenge. 

John wins races against competitors who are closer in age to his grandchildren than his own age. He is a fierce competitor who, in his 60s, is able to perform at the top level because he optimizes his mental and physical wellbeing, notably his diet, physical fitness, sleep, and mental acuity. What is critical is John’s need for physical recovery and mental performance.

What would you consider to be the challenges?

Top of this list is oxidative stress damage. Actually, this is so important that it is the only thing on the list.

Oxidative damage results from metabolizing oxygen – so in daily life, this occurrence is unavoidable. Since you burn more oxygen during activities that are mentally or physically demanding, more oxidative stress results. To maintain health and performance, this oxidative damage must be repaired quickly.

For healthy aging, we can’t overestimate the importance of reducing oxidative damage – especially in the brain. Believe it or not, focus and decision-making burns as much oxygen as high-intensity physical activity!

Regularly falling short on the repair side of the equation accelerates the aging process and increases the risk of chronic illness. Some age-related disorders (Alzheimer’s for example) are directly related to oxidative stress damage.

How Could Oxidative Stress Be Reduced?

When oxidative damage outpaces the body’s ability to repair it, John – like the rest of us -feels less sharp and more worn out. Unless we dig out of this oxidative hole, performance will also suffer. Oxidative stress is a root cause of aging so addressing it as aggressively as possible is fundamental to improving anyone’s wellness and vitality. Key to this is meeting people where they are.

Several years ago, John added technology to his wellness regime, a device that initiates repair and regeneration at the cellular level by influencing cellular water so proteins can fold more readily (and proteins must fold to function). This device simply supports the cells so they can function better, at which point the body takes over the course of treatment.

The need to beat back oxidative stress is something we all have in common, however, the needs of the individual determine the course of action and each person will be different. That said, since oxidative stress is implicated in all chronic diseases, reducing it can be a game-changer for many people. 

What Effect Does Reducing Oxidative Stress Have For Healthy People?

John quickly noticed the difference that this device made by reducing recovery times after exertion. He also experienced an improvement in his focus and mental clarity, typical results reported by other people who use this technology. 

Unsurprisingly, John is enthusiastic about using a technological device to  help him protect his brain and body from oxidative damage and ultimately help him perform better on and off the track.

John may be the ultimate poster child for active aging, but he is far from unique in his desire to live fully. A great number of people in their 60s and older want to maintain the activities they love and even embrace new physical and mental challenges. The reduction of oxidative stress damage is a cornerstone of healthy aging and you don’t have to drive a race car to benefit from this advanced technology.

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic Path?

I had been running high tech, internet-based companies for many years. While planning to take some time off in 2005, I offered to help a health-focused technology company who worked with holistic and integrative practitioners with business development. This was a complete sidestep for me.

Once I saw the impact we were making in people’s lives, and how grateful customers were for our help, I was hooked. Instead of returning to the tech world, I collaborated with this company’s founder to bring his innovation technology to market. This product fit perfectly with my own view.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Personal Experiences Taught You?

It is not all about high performance. While many people are challenged with regaining their health, I have learned to never underestimate the body’s ability to heal itself. The body knows what to do. Whenever possible, we should support the body’s natural processes, instead of overriding them. This means supporting underlying health rather than treating symptoms.

Crossing paths with so many people whose success shocked their doctor is one of the best parts of my job. With this experience, I have become much more of a cheerleader than I used to be. Results are so encouraging that it just makes sense to encourage others.


Rowena Gates received her Ph.D. from the University of Washington for her work on international strategic alliances and economic development.

Rowena is a principal at Eng3 Corporation. She helped launch Eng3’s NanoVi technology and currently oversees business development of its use for health, regeneration, and performance.

Rowena is a serial entrepreneur. Prior to joining Eng3, she spent six years as founder and CEO of Aviarc Corporation, an internet-based solutions provider for international trade. Before this, she co-founded a document imaging company that merged into ImageSource.

Back in 1995, she co-founded one of the earliest companies to offer an Internet-based solution to the logistics industry. When not helping bring innovations to the world, Rowena enjoys a range of outdoor activities, family, friends, and her own version of biohacking.

Rowena Gates
Medical Device Supplier
Eng3 Corporation
Seattle, WA, USA

Visit Rowena’s Website

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