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Life Coaching and Reiki Help with Life Transitions


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Jill Volpe, Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master

Jill Volpe

We are speaking with Jill Volpe, MBA, CLC who uses Life Coaching and Reiki to help people through major life changes such as divorce, empty nest, career, retirement seeking happiness/fulfillment and more…

Tell Us a Story About a Client Stuck in a Rut Following a Divorce and How Life Coaching and Reiki Helped

Prolonged Withdrawal from Relationships Following a Divorce

After being divorced for over 15 years, Lisa, age 58, decided that she would give life coaching a try because she wanted to finally find joy in a healthy intimate relationship. She still harbored feelings of resentment for her ex-husband and knew that this held her back in finding new love. Lisa stopped dating because she was tired and unmotivated to put effort into a new relationship.

Lisa’s inner feelings also interfered with the quality of her relationship with her daughter. She kept very quiet, not speaking her true thoughts and feelings around her kids just so she could keep peace. Always considering herself a social person, Lisa now found herself alone much of the time. She didn’t seek out friends or activities because she thought no one would be interested in spending time with her, a single divorcee.

Trying things she thought would motivate her, Lisa recently changed jobs in the hopes that more money and more work hours would fill her up. It didn’t. She felt stuck and didn’t know what she needed to do to feel alive and happy again. All this led her to drink more than she’d like; and that drinking was affecting her physical and emotional health. Lisa was in a “rut”.  

Identifying Needs in Life Transitions to Move Forward

Through our needs assessment, Lisa realized that her regular drinking was a habit that soothed the loneliness she felt every evening coming home to an empty house. Lisa remembered her earlier years filled with fun and adventure and how much she loved hiking and fly fishing. As she went through the emotional upheaval of a divorce and building her career, these joy filled activities ended.

The Value of Life Coaching Plus Reiki

Lisa and I agreed to meet weekly for three months. Through life coaching, Lisa was encouraged to take small action steps to create new habits. Once these new habits were formed, we began to see progress being made. Motivation and excitement kicked in, and then Lisa began to think for herself in such a way that her choices now met her needs – which were in alignment with her values.

I incorporated Reiki with her life coaching. Reiki is a hands-on Japanese form of energy healing that has been scientifically proven to reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone) and help to bring healing to the mind and body. Reiki is a wonderful complement to life coaching because it supports the client’s ability to think more clearly, creatively, and to enjoy the feeling of being calmer and more grounded.

Life coaching helped Lisa discover what she truly valued in life. She discovered what was really important to her and how to meet her needs in healthy, positive ways. Coaching offered her tools and strategies to use so she could communicate her thoughts and feelings in ways that would be received respectfully by others. Lisa also learned how to lovingly set new boundaries at her job and with her kids.

Moving Forward and Enjoying Life Again

Identifying what would add joy to her life, Lisa is planning trips to see old friends, walking her dog and working out with a personal trainer. She spends more quality time with her kids and grandchildren and has set boundaries at work in order to have more time for fun. Her growing confidence and her abilities made it easy to communicate her needs to her boss. And to her surprise, he was very receptive and supportive of her requests. She now could see, however, that the job itself did not match her future goals, so she gave notice after finding a new job through an industry contact.

Lisa is now enjoying her life outside of work. She no longer allows the past experiences with her ex-husband to influence her present thoughts and feelings. Finding more ease with socializing, Lisa is enjoying meeting new people,spending more time with her children and grand-babies, and dating. And she is delighted that she has more energy now than she’s had in years. This has all translated into Lisa feeling very hopeful for her future.

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic Path?

I’ve always been interested in natural methods of healing and metaphysics. I was introduced to Reiki by a close friend and would have regular healing sessions with her during a stressful phase in my life. I loved the energy and how it made me feel more balanced and clear-headed. Receiving healing sessions on a regular basis, allowed me the time and space to turn inward so that I was able to gain perspective on relationships and situations occurring in my life at that time.

My friend received her Master Teacher Certification and I decided to be her first student. Reiki is pure love energy and works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It has affected my life in so many ways and will always be considered the foundation of my spiritual growth and personal development. My Reiki journey (receiving, studying, practicing, teaching, and healing others) has taught me to trust my intuition and the natural flow of the Universe so that what is meant for me will come to me. It has also empowered me with a beautiful gift to share with others.

Life coaching was for me, the missing piece to having a healing practice where I could support my clients wholly. Reiki and coaching complement each other beautifully and I am so grateful to have had incredible training in both.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Personal Experiences Taught You?

In addition to what I just mentioned above, I have learned that everyone has the same “needs”. The difference is how these needs are met as well as how important each need is to us as individuals.

We all need love and connection but how this plays out in each of our lives is different. Some people are satisfied with the love of their immediate family and are fulfilled by the love and connection with their spouse and children. Other’s meet their need for love and connection through their faith and connection with God.

To be a really good Life Coach or healing practitioner, it’s important to understand the needs of your clients so that the changes they make are healthy, positive and lasting. And the achievable goals are in alignment with their core values.

What Would You Like Your Clients to Know About Your Services that They May Not be Aware of?

Coaching is not therapy.  As your coach, I listen – really listen to you – similar to how a therapist would, but I do not claim to be the expert in your life. I work along side you. I share tools and strategies to help you take action on your dreams. I celebrate your accomplishments. I hold you accountable in a loving manner. If you enjoy discovery, you’ll also enjoy coaching.

Any Additional Comments:

The focus of my work is to assist women in identifying their needs, finding perspective and creative solutions to design a life they love. These women are smart and ready to transform! Together we work to understand what’s holding them back and get them moving forward with confidence. Complimentary consultations are available.


Jill Volpe Coaching & Healing

As a Certified Life Coach, Jill Volpe, MBA, CLC, helps people discover what their hearts really need so they can create stronger relationships, cope with change and stressful situations, or simply bring more fun and freedom to their home and work life.

Jill has been in the wellness industry for over seventeen years, coaching and supporting clients on everything from personal growth to business development. She specializes in sharing tools and resources to navigate life’s transitions with ease.

Jill’s heart-centered and holistic approach is particularly helpful to individuals and families who are ready to move forward but are in need of support to heal from difficult situations in their lives.

Visit Jill’s Website

My office is located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Appointments are available in person and worldwide via video calling! (Skype, FaceTime, or FaceBook Messenger)

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