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Revive and Restore Animal Health with Communication


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Sue Pike, an Animal Communicator

We are speaking with Sue Pike, an Animal Communicator, Reiki Master and Spirit Channel

Tell Us a Story About a Horse That Was Near Death and, through Communication, Came Back to Life

Situations of extreme abuse of an animal are unfortunately commonplace. This is why rescue organizations are so important. They do all they can to rehabilitate and heal, as many animals as they are able to.

Recently, I was asked by a horse rescue organization to do an Animal Communication session with one of their new rescues, a 20 year old horse who was in a life/death situation, literally starving to death when she was found. She was literally skin and bones.

The people at this rescue organization are very animal sensitive, and are able to connect to them in their own way. They have a ton of experience working with animals who have come from many different environments and really know how to gently help them on their healing path. There is an understanding that is innate, communicating with them all the time and truly sensing what the animals need.

The dire nature of this horse’s survival was the reason they reached out to me. They thought perhaps I could reach her on a deeper level.

How do you communicate with an animal?

Animal Communication is telepathic, mind to mind, heart to heart communication. Think of it as adjusting your radio dial until you get a clear connection. Everyone has this ability. It’s just a matter of slowing down, opening your heart and listening. This can be done remotely.

While connecting with her, heart to heart, mind to mind, doing Animal Communication, I told her that I was sorry that she had been treated this way. I told her that not all humans treat animals this way. The people that she is with now only want the best for her.

I knew I had to let her feel she had the choice whether she wanted to die or be willing to live. Ultimately, it is her decision.

Through this heart-to-heart level of communication, I explained to her that she deserved a better life being in the care of these amazing people.  Although she didn’t feel she deserved it, I said that she could take the process slowly, leaving it up to her to make that decision to go on.

Were there other modalities you used that were helpful?

In addition to talking to her heart to heart, via Animal Communication, I offered her some Reiki energy, a healing modality that helps relax and rebalance animals – as well as people.

She was agreeable to doing Reiki and responded immediately. I could help her release some of the old trauma and sadness that she had been holding. The rescue people told me they saw a shift in her immediately after my Animal Communication/Reiki session with her.

What was the outcome?

This once dying horse is now eating more and more, continuing to gain weight. She has new hair growing all over her body. The people at the rescue center have reported to me that since her arrival there, her whole overall attitude and emotional state has shifted. She chose to live.

I continue to work with her, about once a week, and I see her improvements each time. I cannot take credit, however, for her choice to live. That was fully her decision. I just was able to let her know that she could have a better life, and that she deserves it.

Working with rescues is of course, for me, very special work of serving the animal physically and emotionally. Seeing the transition of an animal becoming healthy and vibrant is a powerful and heart-expanding experience.

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic Path?

I always knew I wanted to do something in the Holistic world, but didn’t know what. I read many different books on various healing modalities.

When I had a health scare in 2000, a friend of mine introduced me to Reiki. Immediately, I knew this was what I was looking for.

While studying Reiki, working with people, and animals, one day, I just knew I could communicate with animals. It was an aha moment. So, I started practicing Animal Communication with friend’s animals. I kept getting confirmation that what the animals were telling me was correct.

One day, after practicing with many different animals, I went to my husband’s friend’s horse ranch. His friend was having some issues with some of his horses and was curious about my work. So, I communicated with them and he told me how helpful the information I received was.

Upon our return home, I decided to read books on Animal Communication, to see if I was doing it right.  Everything the books were saying, for the steps to be able to do Animal Communication, I was already doing.

I started to work with different species, from Lions to Sloths! I work with animals that are alive and those that have transitioned.

A lot of times, when working with domesticated animals, when I mention something the animal has told me, the person, says “I thought so”, or “I had a feeling”.  My advice is to trust what you are feeling about what your animal is expressing to you.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Personal Experiences Taught You?

I grew up with many different animals and discovered that each animal is unique. As a child I wanted to work with them, but didn’t want to be a Veterinarian. All these years later, it gives me such immense pleasure to be a voice for them.

They say that humans think too much and need more play! I needed to be reminded of play and I’ve learned to detach and set boundaries for myself.  At the beginning, I would work all hours of the day and night, finally realizing that this wasn’t healthy for me. I needed to take better care of myself in order to be of better service to the animals.

The animals teach me so many lessons all the time, always communicating to me about unconditional love and acceptance. I’ve learned that there is something bigger at work all the time, that I sometimes don’t understand but I accept.  Animals and their guardians have their own karma.


Reiki, Level 1 – July 2001
Reiki, Level 11 – January, 2002
Reiki, Advanced Practitioner – July, 2002
Reiki Master – January, 2005
Animal Communication – February, 2006 (Intuitive ‘gift’). No formal training.

I have been on several T.V. shows, including, UK’s, This Morning Show, PIX 11 News NY; Good Day Tampa; Good Day NY, Positive Energy TV, Late Night with Seth Myers.

On Line interviews with India’s FLOAP (For Love Of All Pets).

I do a live radio interview every third Thursday of the month on WMNF Community Radio out of Tampa, on the Ultrasounds show. I offer messages from the animals to everyone on this show. I’ve been interviewed on several radio shows, podcasts, etc.

Sue Pike, The Animal Talker®
Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, Spirit Channel
Cathedral City, CA. United States

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