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The Success of a Co-Enzyme for Addiction Treatment


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Andrey Rossin, a Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC) 

We are speaking with Andrey Rossin, a Certified Addiction Counselor who has had great success with a specific IV protocol in changing the mindset of  addicts to break their habit and live productive lives.

Tell Us a Story About  a Client Who Was Addicted to a Very Commonly Prescribed Drug and How You Helped

One of our former patients, Sean, reached out to us for help over a year ago. At the time, he was struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.  He had recently lost his job, his marriage was failing, his savings were depleted, and his life was spiraling out of control. These issues had thrust him in to the throes of depression and he was suffering from severe insomnia. Sean was desperate.

According to his history, Sean, in an effort to help his anxiety, went to see a medical doctor who prescribed him a low dose benzodiazepine drug – a tranquilizer known by many commercial names. Feeling unsettled about taking a potentially addictive medication, but needing to sleep and feel less stressed, Sean reluctantly began taking the drug. Unfortunately his doctor did not warn him about the possible effects of increasing tolerance or abruptly stopping  benzodiazepine.  As  time went by, Sean needed more of the medication to get relief. To his dismay, when he tried to stop taking the medication, he suffered with cold-sweats, chills, and unbearable panic attacks. Relief was only possible when taking increasingly more of the drug. He was addicted.

Hesitantly Seeking Help with NAD

Looking for help, Sean researched online and found Future Now Detox. We use an IV protocol of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), a co-enzyme of niacin, found in all living cells, having a profound effect on every cell of our body. It has been determined that the excessive use of drugs and alcohol will deplete the body’s natural stores of NAD which play a critical role in metabolic processes. 

We explained to Sean what NAD is able to accomplish is to flush out all of the drugs that are still in the user’s system, reduce withdrawal effects, curb cravings, and allow the body to produce energy more naturally.

But Sean was skeptical. He wondered if the treatment would actually work for him and he was hesitant to spend a large portion of his savings on NAD Therapy. Still, he decided to give it a go for daily NAD IV therapy. He would also be receiving other holistic therapiesvitamins and minerals, acupuncture, massages, chiropractic adjustments, art therapy, yoga sessions, family therapy, and healthy dishes from our personal chef.

Saying Yes to the NAD Treatment

So, we setup a thirteen-day NAD Therapy protocol for him. He was completely tapered off the benzodiazepine medication on day four but days five and six, known as  “hump days” were critical. He wanted to run and did not believe that anything would happen for the better. He felt totally hopeless. But thankfully, Sean stuck it out because by days nine and ten he started getting back to his true self. When day 13 finished, we saw him smile!

Aftercare and Life After Care

Equally as important for each client is the aftercare plan. We took our time and found him local outpatient therapy options. We stressed the continuation of family therapy and outlined a plan of action for him to attend local support groups for people in long term recovery. The team stressed the importance of him finding activities that would help him focus less on himself and more about others. He left Future Now Detox ready to face life through a new lens.

One year later Sean called me from Disney World with his family. He was crying tears of joy and told me he wanted to celebrate his detox anniversary with us. He and his family drove a rental car from Orlando to West Palm Beach to share his story on video. Sean was unrecognizable! He was smiling and joking, laughing and crying. He was inwardly re-organized.

Sean now moderates a few internet forums where he shares his story of recovery. He lets others that are addicted to drugs and alcohol know that there is hope and that NAD therapy may be able to help them as well.

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic Path?

I started smoking in Kindergarten. At the age of 13, I had my first blackout experience and I remember beginning to feel alienated, lonely, and depressed. At 19, I used intravenous drugs for the first time, feeling like I had found the solution to all my problems. The rush, the calm, the adrenaline all made me feel alive. I experimented with many drugs and became hooked.

Around the age of 29, I moved from Boston to Miami. I collected DUI s like baseball cards, experienced several overdoses and slid into drug induced coma. After an intervention, I was admitted for addiction treatment and a 12-step program. I stopped being a victim and started my journey toward long-term recovery.

For five years, I volunteered at the rehab center working one on one with addicts. By 2011, I had come up with a plan to open a small treatment center called Into Action Treatment. My goal was to have a detox program, shelter, and rehab. I wanted to be able to help a small number of hopeless individuals and give them the opportunity to turn their lives around like I did. In January 2012, we opened the doors. For each person with one year of continuous recovery, we had planted 75 trees. We helped a total of 323 people seeking recovery. 

Five years later, a business partner and I opened Future Now Detox where we now offer NAD IV therapy.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Personal Experiences Taught You?

Recovery is about being free and happy. It is not about using or not using. Once I’m content with myself, there is no need for me to check out. I can look the world in the eye .

Recovery is a lifetime work. There is a need for guidance and clinical intervention. There is a need for human fellowship and hugs. There is a necessity to be able to help others, and to learn how to get out of one’s head because that’s where the problems are being created. Yes, it might sound crazy, but by working with others for over 13 years, I am able to refocus my energy on helping others while keeping my problems in perspective.


Born in USSR, moved to the United States in 1995 after graduating from a university in Minsk, Belarus, majoring in linguistics . I lived in Boston and moved to Miami in 2000. Over the years I battled depression and suicidal tendencies. I was very familiar with substance addiction .

In 2006, I was in a drug induced coma. An intervention was instituted. As a result of this intervention, I became heavily involved in a 12 steps fellowships process, bringing message of hope to the rehab center. In 2011, I started working on opening a progress based treatment program called “IntoAction Treatment”. In 2017, I opened Future Now Detox in Palm Springs , Florida with concentration on brain restoration utilizing revolutionary NAD IV protocol .

Andrey Rossin,. CAC
Certified Addiction Counselor , Founder

Future Now Detox
4384 Purdy Lane
Palm Springs, FL  33406

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