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Addressing Sleep Issues and Insomnia


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Suzie Senk who Specializes in Sleep Disturbances and Insomnia

We are speaking with Suzie Senk, a Holistic Practitioner and Sleep Specialist, on the problems of insomnia and other sleep disturbances

Tell Us a Story About a Client who Had Issues with Sleep and How You Helped Holistically

For years, Amy struggled with lethargy, brain fog, and had difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. She would wake up multiple times in the night and have difficulty falling asleep and lie awake for hours. She also was experiencing headaches and early onset menopausal symptoms.

What had Amy tried for her insomnia before seeking you out?

Amy had spoken with many doctors, all of whom told her that her situation was just a normal part of getting older. She tried various supplements and dietary regimens but nothing helped.

She came to me because she found out about my work and thought that perhaps a holistic sleep specialist could assist her with her sleep.

How did you arrive at your sleep protocols?

When Amy called me, she said that she was experiencing ‘weird’ symptoms including that her sleep was affected by the full moon. She seemed to be uncertain of whether I would be able to help her because she had tried for so long, to no avail, to solve her sleep and health issues. With all of my experience helping clients with “mystery” symptoms, I felt confident that I would be able to help her get to the root cause of her issues and fix her sleep.

After filling out an extensive intake form, Amy and I had our first consultation. We went through her responses and a few things jumped out at me. She stated that she had mold in her home environment. She also had a number of symptoms (anxiety, day time exhaustion) that pointed to thyroid dysfunction.

I asked Amy to get lab work done and I instructed her on which labs to ask her doctor to order for her. Among them were a full thyroid panel and Vitamin D levels. I also gave her some simple steps to implement to begin necessary changes to improve her sleep and her health.

What modalities or therapies did you implement and what was the outcome of the services you provided?

Once Amy’s lab results came in, it was clear that her cholesterol levels were extremely high and her thyroid gland was in need of more support. I worked with Amy and her doctor to get her on the right medication.

The blood tests also showed that her Vitamin D level was also far below optimal, so I instructed her on the proper way to increase her Vitamin D levels. We also made a series of behavioral, lifestyle and dietary changes over the course of several months to optimize her health.

Amy started seeing results almost immediately:

  • Her anxiety levels decreased
  • She no longer had energy crashes in the middle of the day
  • Her night wakings decreased from several to almost none
  • She also was able to fall asleep much easier.

Amy’s health improvements have continued. Her mood, energy and sleep have all stabilized. And she says that after struggling with insomnia for almost 40 years, she is finally able to sleep through the night! She continues to monitor her Vitamin D, thyroid and cholesterol levels and keeps up the lifestyle changes that I taught her.

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic Path?

Holistic Wellness is the only way to address health that makes sense to me. The body is entirely interconnected. What happens to one part affects the whole, and to treat issues individually is dangerous. Also, allopathic medicine generally treats the symptoms but doesn’t address the chronic root causes that are responsible for why a person is having health challenges in the first place.

To me, it’s just common sense that to create the conditions for health in the body, I would address it from a Holistic perspective. I’m not sure if I chose my path, or my path chose me…I was drawn to wellness from a very early age and have been practicing ever since.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Personal Experiences Taught You?

There is always more to learn. And the human body is a magical vessel capable of healing way beyond what our current science can explain. While there are some things that we can generalize – treatments and remedies that work for most people, most of the time – every one is unique and needs to be treated as an individual.


Suzie Senk is an international Health Educator, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Sleep Specialist, Speaker, Author and Mother.

She offers integrative solutions to modern-day sleep challenges, and helps people of all ages get a better night’s sleep quickly and easily.

Suzie began her wellness consulting practice 20 years ago after training in herbalism, nutrition, sleep, yoga, meditation, infant mental health, TCM and whole-body health.

She offers personalized, developmentally-appropriate gentle sleep solutions for families with young children, and profound yet practical custom wellness programs for teens and adults.

Suzie is known for using her intuitive, empathic abilities and her depth of experience and knowledge to help her clients create powerful, heart- centered, lasting changes in their sleep, health and outlook on life.

Suzie is frequently interviewed on countless topics related to Sleep and Health and is a passionate and uplifting speaker.

She has created numerous online sleep and wellness programs including  the Sleep Accelerator program – an easy-to-follow 8-step self-help program guaranteed to help even the most sleep-deprived person get better sleep tonight.

You can schedule a consult, sign up to receive her free gifts and tune into her latest free summit beginning Thursday, May 14, 2020 to hear experts speak on Mental Wellness.

Suzie Senk
Sleep and Holistic Wellness Practitioner
Sleep Angel LLC
Kapaa, HI, USA

Visit Suzie’s Website

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