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Recovering From Addiction

Addiction Recovery

Holistic Spotlight with Stephen Smith, Founder and Executive Director of “A New Life Referral Center” We are speaking with Stephen Smith, who through his Non-Profit, “A New Life Referral Center”, discusses how his community services for individuals who struggle with recovering from addictions and consequences of bad decisions, can help them achieve and maintain a…

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Drug Cravings and Therapeutic Touch Using Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Lynette Barnard, a Somatologist! We are speaking with Lynette Barnard, Massage Therapist and Specialist, on the topic of Therapeutic Touch using Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and the profound effect is has on one’s overall health. Tell Us a Story About a Client with a Craving for Drugs and How Therapeutic Massage Bodywork …

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Adrenaline Dominance

Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Dr. Michael Platt, MD We are speaking with Dr. Michael Platt, MD who has found that treating the underlying cause of problems eliminated the need for most medications as they most often treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause of the disease. His goal is to facilitate healing using the…

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Combining Therapy with Nutrition to Stay Off Drugs


Practitioner Spotlight with Dr. Keith Kantor, who has a PhD in Nutritional Science and Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine We are speaking with Dr. Keith Kantor, PhD, ND, a Naturopathic Physician who specializes in treating those addicted to drugs and alcohol. His main modalities include using  psychological therapy, exercise and specific food menus to cover nutritional…

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Quit Smoking Naturally for Life

Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Janice Burgess, Quit  Smoking Coach We are speaking with Janice Burgess, Clinical Pharmacist, Certified Health Coach, and Quit Smoking Coach with over 10 years experience assisting clients to quit smoking. Tell Us a Story About  a Client Who Wanted to Quit Smoking and How You Helped Ben who had Chronic Obstructive…

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A Breakthrough for Addiction: Combining Hypnotherapy and EMDR

Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Herb Cohen: Certified Hypnotherapist How Hypnotherapy Combined with EMDR Helps One Get Over an Addiction We are having an opioid crisis. This article may be disturbing for some in depicting the challenges, both physical and emotional that addicts face, but read on to see how the use of EMDR and Hypnotherapy…

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