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Support for Natural Health Alternatives

The alternative health movement continues to gain popularity despite the unrestrained advertising and lobbying dollars from pharmaceutical companies, big-agriculture, conventional medical organizations and the health insurance industry. There is Room for Alternative and Natural Health in Addition to Mainstream Medicine The current generation understands that our world is full of toxins, yet environmental medicine is…

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Being Mindful of Your Healthcare

Ask yourself right now, how does my body feel? What am I thinking about? What emotions are surfacing? By paying attention at this moment, you are being mindful. Why is it important? Many say that your stress level reduces, your mood elevates, and your physical health can improve. Let’s take mindfulness into the realm of…

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The Great Leap Forward in Alternative Health


“What you cannot avoid, welcome” says an old Chinese proverb. What was not too long ago considered complementary or alternative health, has become health care’s most prominent influence on the national and international scene. The public wants to live longer healthier lives. They are seeking ways to take more control and eliminate what is harmful…

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Holistic Jeopardy: Is Holistic Medicine Legitimate?

Holistic healthcare is as provocative and debated as politics and religion. Over the years my husband and I have had many heated discussions with our families and friends, with both sides bringing up challenging concerns. But just how much do you know or is it opinion? And based on what? Show me the science and…

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