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Is My Mouth Making Me Sick?

Can my mouth really be making me sick? On a daily basis, thousands of dentists are placing all types of dental materials into their patients’ mouths without talking to them about any potential health implications. Did you know that some of these materials may actually not be good for you?  That some may actually be…

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Overall Health Weakens from Dental Problems

Oral Exam

Most healthcare professionals – allopathic as well as alternative health practitioners- would most likely not regard your dental health as having much of an impact on your overall health. Think about it. When you go to your doctor or hospital, have you noticed that there are no dental questions on the health intake form? Asking…

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7 Ways Dentistry Makes You Sick…or Healthy

Dentistry Makes You Sick

Most healthcare professionals, including alternative as well as allopathic practitioners, would not regard dentistry as having a significant impact on overall health. Let’s examine that from a holistic perspective. Wouldn’t you agree that improving your smile has a great deal to do with self-confidence and feeling good emotionally? If you ever felt pain in a tooth or gum, your enjoyment of life is certainly diminished. Eating, kissing, smiling, and doing your best work is impaired. But restoring teeth…

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