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The Best Oral Hygiene Technique!

“What do you recommend as the best oral hygiene technique for maintaining healthy teeth, gums, and bone?” That is a question I get from my patients almost every day.   The most important question to ask however, and one that most people do NOTask is, “What’s the proper order of brushing and flossing and what…

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How to Conveniently Deal with Stress: 20 Tips to Help You Feel Relaxed

Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Dr. Andrea Brockman We are speaking with Dr. Andrea Brockman, BSN, DDS, CEO of Lifetime Horizons, LLC and Blogger for™ Tell Us How You Deal With Stress to Better Function Physically and Emotionally Life under normal circumstances can be stressful, but now, it seems like living in a stressful time…

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