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Losing Weight with a Health Coach

How an Integrative Holistic Approach Improves and Maintains Health

Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Alison Quackenbush, a Certified Health Coach We are speaking with Alison Quackenbush, INHC, who received training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and uses her knowledge to help her clients make life style changes to improve their health and quality of life. Tell Us a Story About  a Client Who Had…

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The Missing Link in Health and Wellness

It’s impossible to achieve sustainable health and wellness when there are underlying dental problems. Ignored or unrecognized relentless dental distress which can include gum disease, decayed, infected and missing teeth, and TMJ imbalance can contribute to obesity, heart attack and stroke risk, headaches, sleep disturbances, pregnancy complications, and nutritional deficiencies.

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