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A Holistic Practitioner Reverses Debilitating Fatigue


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Jodie MacDonald, a Holistic Practitioner and How She Successfully Treated a Client with Epstein Barr Virus

We are speaking with Jodie MacDonald, PhD, who uses nutritional advice, herbal therapy and energy work to help clear the body of toxins, calm the mind and body and increase immunity.

Tell Us a Story About  a Client with Epstein Barr Virus and Debilitating Fatigue and How You Helped

Marsha, a woman in the military, a mother and a wife with debilitating fatigue could barely make it into my office. She came to me with a diagnosis of Epstein Bar virus, a condition usually associated with mononucleosis and the herpes virus. The virus is found in almost everyone and is dormant unless triggered by certain conditions.  Marsha had an underlying thyroid condition and did not have the energy to function with day to day activities. This had been going on for months. Having been to many doctors, their treatment consisted of medications for her symptoms. Nothing helped with her lack of energy and debilitating fatigue. Marsha was sick and tired and had nothing to lose by trying a more natural approach.

The first step is stopping what is not healthful

Marsha’s debilitating fatigue was a clue that there was toxic build-up in her body. We started with modifying her diet and eating habits, suggesting mostly fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

  • I recommended a juicer for a daily morning juicing of organic celery. This incredible naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial  and alkalizing juice of this vegetable improves digestion, helps the liver produce enzymes that help flush out fat and toxins, and is loaded with anti-oxidants, essential minerals and vitamins.
  • I suggested eliminating all meats, dairy and sugars. These foods are tied to weight gain and  may be linked to some chronic diseases.

Removing toxins

  • Detoxifying the body was a slower process. We used herbs, a lymphatic formula, and a kidney and bladder formula to clean out her cells and remove any toxins that diverted her immune system from dealing with the Epstein Barr virus. She was on this formula for close to a year.
  • Detoxification needs to be monitored by a professional. Sometimes removing toxins can cause symptoms that are uncomfortable. I had on several occasions done a distance healing which I was able to tune into Marsha’s energy and intend healing to where it was needed. Distance healing can be quite powerful and effective.

Calming of the mind and body

  • We incorporated energy work weekly for a few months and then cut it to every other week for close to a year and a half. To help with stress reduction and healing, we concentrated our sessions on Reiki which works on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This also helped increase Marsha’s physical energy.
  • I slowly added more advanced energy techniques to open up and balance chakras and move her energy channels which further helped boost her immunity and reverse her debilitating fatigue.

From non-functional to busy bee

Marsha’s condition was grim when she first came in to see me. After two years, Marsha no longer needed my services. Being so compliant with what was required to change energetically, she became not only functional, but energetic, busy, happy and healthy.

Now able to perform her military duties and family responsibilities, she is also running her own business and takes time for family vacations. I have had many success stories but this one went to my heart. Seeing her thrive in life is very fulfilling. Positive energy has spread to so many.

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic Path?

I think I unconsciously chose this path from a very early age when I was sick and stressed. Through the years I suffered from migraines, ovarian cysts, painful periods, cluster headaches, diabetes, eating disorders and serious depression. The doctors just kept suggesting medications instead of taking care of my issues. Living a happy healthy life seemed out of reach for me.

After eight years of intense study, I learned how to heal my body and my mind using all-natural methods and energy work. From this amazing healing experience, I knew that I was destined to help others and have been doing this type of work for 15 years. I spend my personal time learning new modalities that can help my clients heal. I have written three books: 1) a basic how to 2) an explanation of herbs and 3) a cookbook to help those with chronic issues.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Personal Experiences Taught You?

I have learned that connecting the mind and the body impacts how the body heals. With natural methods, people can live in harmony with the earth and with themselves.

I have learned that this type of work is not a quick fix, but a commitment and challenge to the self. My journey has brought me to believe in myself and the abilities I hold. I have grown into a confident and spiritual individual who can now see a brighter future. My goal is to heal the world one person at a time.

What Would You Like Your Clients to Know About Your Services that They May Not be Aware of?

Most people are still unaware of what holistic health is. It has been difficult over the years explaining to people who are told there are no cures that natural methods and modalities can help with healing. And since no two people are alike, every one gets counsel specific to their issue.

I generally see people once they have seen many many doctors. I give advice, I do not cure. The client does the work and I monitor progress. There is no ailment that is too challenging for me, however my passion is to help those with depression, PTSD and chronic inflammation issues. I have been there, I know how to help. I can see people just for relaxation and stress, prevention, or I can see people with more involved issues.


As a Holistic Practitioner, Jodie has saved many people from a life of pain and suffering, helping people with chronic illnesses such as ALS and Cancer. She also helps people with detoxification and weight loss the healthy way – by changing lifestyle. She gives classes on vaccine safety, GMO, parasites, herbal antibiotics, your Kitchen Pharmacy as well as many more.

Dr. Jodie MacDonald holds certifications in: Nutrition and Herbalism, Life Coaching, Reiki I and II, Aromatouch. She is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Jodie practices her own healing system called Full Spectrum Energy Healing.

Dr. Jodie MacDonald received her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Holistic Health from Kingdom College of Natural Health and a second PhD in Holistic Health (educated on herbalism, nutrition, aromatherapy, energy medicine, as well as many more) from Global College of Natural Medicine

Jodie is CEO of Nature’s Way Holistic Health, LLC

Jodie MacDonald, Ph.D
Holistic Practitioner
Nature’s Way Holistic Health, LLC
1350 Lakeview Ave
Dracut, MA  01826

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