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Jung Tao TCM

Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine

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207 Dale Adams RoadSugar Grove, North Carolina 28679

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About The School

Our Mission

The mission of Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine is to educate students in the art of classical Chinese Medicine and to prepare them for professional practice as skilled acupuncturists and health-care providers. It is also our aim to instill in students an understanding of the essence of Taoist principles and encourage the manifestation of those principles in their professional and personal lives. We strive to offer students a safe, supportive learning environment and provide them access to the tools needed to be successful practitioners of classical Chinese medicine, including translations of classical Chinese texts and resources that are unique to Jung Tao.

From this perspective we believe that:

  • The true art and practice of classical Chinese medicine is to encourage the innate intelligence of the body to restore and maintain a natural state of health.
  • Acupuncture is a complete system of medicine in and of itself and is worthy of extensive study.
  • While Chinese medicine may be mysterious, it is not mystical. Chinese medicine is a science rooted in the qualitative standards of Yin Yang, the Wuxing, and the Bagua.

The faculty and staff of Jung Tao School are committed to producing graduates who are confident not only in their ability to skillfully diagnose and treat patients, but also to effectively collaborate with other care providers to better enrich the lives of their patients and create healthy communities. In the words of French-Vietnamese acupuncturist Dr. Nguyen Van Nghi, who mentored Jung Tao founder Dr. Sean Marshall for almost two decades and provided the school with invaluable translations of classical Chinese medicine texts:


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