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Blanket Protects Baby From EMF

Shield Your Baby From Harmful EMF Radiation

Shield Your Body
Categories: Personal Care Products, Vibrational/Frequency Treatment
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About The Company

I’m an entrepreneur, and an educator. I spent over 20 years building software companies, and teaching on the faculty at institutions like the University of Southern California and the University of California, Santa Cruz.

I realized that while it’s impossible to eliminate your exposure to EMF, there are ways that you can start reducing your exposure to EMF radiation.

First and foremost, there are safer ways to use this technology. All it takes is knowing more about EMF and wireless technology. That’s what my father and I wrote about in ‘Overpowered’ and it’s the education part of SYB’s mission that we focus so much time and effort on, and it’s why I always say the best EMF protection is free.

Then, there are also ways to create products that make it safer to use modern technology – to Shield Your Body from EMF radiation.

-R. Blank

  1. There are literally thousands of high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific studies linking EMF exposure with many negative health effects— cancer, infertility, melatonin suppression, blood brain barrier leakage, and many more.
  2. The technology that emits EMF radiation continues to grow at an exponential rate, meaning that human exposures to EMF continue — and will continue — to grow exponentially into the future. The trend line of exponential growth of human-made EMF is not going to stop.
  3. EMF-emitting technology forms the entire basis for modern society.



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