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Relax Sauna

Relax Sauna

Phillip Wilson
Categories: Detoxification, General Wellness
3509 N. High St.Columbus, Ohio 43214

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About The Company

The original far infrared portable sauna

“The Relax Sauna”

Two Reviews:


“The Relax Sauna was recommended to me by someone who I trust to be very reliable. I purchased the black one vs. the silver. The sauna was delivered very fast after placing my order. It was extremely easy to set up, about thirty minutes or so (which included reading the instructions to make sure that I did everything correctly). The first time I used it in about 20 minutes I began to sweat which surprised me. I know now it was because my body was somewhat out of shape and probably had a lot of toxins built up. The second time, I began to sweat after ten minutes. From the very beginning the sauna was so comfortable, the heat felt warm and soothing and I absolutely loved it! The heat never feels uncomfortably hot that I want to turn it off. I can just sit back and relax and feel wonderful! The sauna also takes about a minute to heat up and I use it every morning to warm me up. Then after a shower, I’m ready to start my day. The Relax Sauna is worth every penny I spent, and I sincerely recommend it to everyone!”


“I purchased in Vegas at 5d event. Thanks again for the information and for my Sauna. I use it every day and after feeling so much better aches and pain wise I have found the benefits of FIR light and your ceramic conductor chip I hope I said that right really seems to get the heat dispersed 360 degrees even thought the heaters are in the front and 80 bulbs is legit some companies sell 8 bulb setup for 3k. I really read up on the technology behind NIR and FIR and I fully am a believer in your technology. Thanks again I hope to see you all again maybe at 5d next year cheers”


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