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Learn How You Can Cleanse Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Detoxification is for Everyone

People are tired of being sick and tired and their doctors telling them they can’t find anything wrong. Yet they don’t feel good. Fatigue, body aches, skin lesions, poor digestion, memory loss, depression, neurological symptoms, anxiety, low libido and so much more seem to be the norm. And there is a drug for every symptom. But reactions and side effects can be worse than the original complaint.

Do you need to detox your body? Understand that your body can get overloaded with thousands of chemicals and heavy metals from daily exposure. Toxins from the environment get into your body through your skin, lungs, digestive tract, and mucous membranes. Why is detoxification important? Accumulating over time, toxic residues store in your fat, tissues, and organs which can result in numerous illnesses and health complications.

Toxin/Poison Definition

While the dictionary medically defines a toxin as a poisonous substance produced by a plant or animal such as tetanus or snake venom, it leaves out the broader definition of poison which is defined as “a substance with an inherent property that tends to destroy life or impair health.”
Could it be that there is a correlation of the amounts of toxic chemicals in our environment with the rise in chronic health conditions? The medical profession seems to ignore that. You may ask yourself why and that may have its answers more in politics and economics.

Detoxify Definition

Civilized populations spend millions of dollars a year on cleansing and detoxification products. The dictionary defines detoxify as a verb “to rid of poison or the effect of poison”. In Biochemistry it is defined as “the metabolic process by which toxins are changed into less toxic or more readily excretable substances.”
Millions of people seek to cleanse their body of poisons, which raises several questions. What are the poisons we need to rid from our bodies? How is detoxification safely done? Where are these poisons found? Is it possible to stop them from harming us?

Detoxifiy Your Body and Improve Your Health

You change the oil and filters in your car for better performance...


Cleansing your body, particularly your filters - liver, kidneys, bowels, lymph - of the many hazardous toxins, helps your body systems work more efficiently. Look what can be improved:

  • Energy level - making you more productive and able to enjoy exercising.
  • Sleep - reducing your daytime fatigue and allowing you to dream and the body to naturally detox and repair
  • Libido - increases making relationships more intimate and loving and enhancing fertility
  • Mood - is more even and joyful with less swings and anger outbursts
  • Pain Relief - without opioids or other medications
  • Skin - rashes and other lesions disappear giving you a more healthful glow

Toxins in the Body

Toxins damage our organs, our cells, our DNA, and disrupt our enzymes, hormones, and mineral balances.

Residues of toxins accumulate all over the body. You will find that every individual is different and has their unique places affected. Here are some areas:

  • Digestive system: Includes the mouth, stomach, liver, small intestine, and colon
  • Skin: Includes the ability to sweat, oil glands, tears
  • Urinary system: Includes kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra
  • Endocrine system: Includes thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, gonads
  • Respiratory system: Includes lungs, bronchials, throat, sinuses, and nose
  • Lymphatic system: Includes lymph glands, nodes, and vessels
  • Sensory system: Includes your ability to detect environmental exposures through sight, sound smell, taste, and touch
  • Immune system: Includes white blood cells, spleen, bone marrow, and thymus
  • Circulatory system: Includes heart, arteries, veins
  • Neurological system: Includes brain, spinal cord, nerves, neurotransmitters
  • Musculo-Skeletal system: Includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones, joints, cartilage
  • Hormonal system: Includes production of sexual hormones
  • Oral: This includes teeth, gums, salivary glands, mucous membranes, tongue, nerves, TMJ

How Does the Body Get Rid of Toxins?

Anywhere and everywhere systems can be damaged by toxins. The body can rid itself of toxins through the skin, lungs, feces, urine, and mucus. The liver filters toxins out of the blood and sends it out to the kidneys for further filtration or to the digestive tract to be eliminated in the feces.

Toxins also leave the body in hair, nails, saliva, tears, breast milk, and menstrual flow. In pregnancy, the mother gets rid of toxins which can go through the placenta to the fetus. In other words, the tiny baby gets the mother's toxins.

Life Can Be Toxic

When it comes to preparing the body for the fight or flight response, the cortisol levels increase whether the stress is physical or emotional. In other words, you can be more susceptible to a cold after an argument. A person at work or you are close to can be giving you a hard time. You want to feel better about things? Remove the toxic relationships and substances from your life. Here’s why:

  • Immunity is weakened from stressful troubled relationships
  • Stress can trigger inflammation, lack of growth, reduced productivity, mood changes and decreased lifespan
  • Emotional stress can cause your body to produce chemicals that have to be detoxified in the liver and hormones to be released changing mood and productivity
  • Natural healthy body cleansing of toxins slows down because detoxing the body isn’t a priority when physically or emotionally stressed
  • Emotional stress can be responsible to less intelligent thinking, impulsive or careless reactions, and accidents
  • Unshakable negative emotions can interfere with your quality of life, or cause you to react in unhealthy ways.

What You Can Do

The first step is awareness. Once you become aware that this problem exists, you recognize that you must do something about it. The willingness to do your own research can be empowering and life-saving. If you think you have a need to detoxify, start by stopping what is making you sick (a substance or a relationship) and letting in only what is healthy and good. Like a warm-up before intense exercising, cleansing from toxic stuff can come when you are stronger and ready to handle it.

Bear in mind that elimination of toxins can stir up the pot and be damaging to the organs of elimination or cause more symptoms. If you are a poor excretor, the poisons will recirculate, and redeposit elsewhere in the body sometimes producing other symptoms that may be uncomfortable or harmful. Whether aggressive or gentle detoxification, with any physical or emotional health issues, the process is safer and able to be monitored when working with professional supervision. Most often, this will be in the alternative health realm who may use lab analysis that reveal deficiencies or excesses of nutrients, minerals, and hormones not detected with conventional tests. Do your research, ask questions, and use good judgement.


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