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Nature Should Nurture

From the air you breathe to the food and water you consume, you can't get away from the toxins in your environment.

Learn here how to live healthfully and in balance.

Environment Overview

When people think of health, they often think of how they’re feeling at that moment. You can feel acutely ill or sicken over time. Taking a remedy may help reduce a symptom, but finding the source of what's causing the symptoms isn’t always considered. Nor is it known.

There is, quite literally, no physical way that your body can function independently of your environment, and for that reason, you need to know what landmines are out there and all the ways it can impact your health. In essence: understanding what is a poison to you.

Environmental Definition

What exactly is your “environment?” The dictionary definition is the surroundings or conditions in which a person (or animal/plant) lives or operates. Broadly speaking, it is everything outside of you with which you interact, which can mean anything you consume, touch, breathe, inject, absorb, and much, much more. Humans are intelligently made to get rid of toxins, but so many small amounts of chemicals accumulating over time can overwhelm our systems. So when it comes to adapting to your environment, you have a better chance of a long and healthful life when you take stock of what is in your surroundings and become aware of what's needed to make positive changes.

Poison Definition

Going back to the dictionary, “poison” is a term which means a substance that is capable of causing the illness or death of a living organism when introduced or absorbed. Throughout time, stories have been told of poisons making people sick or even killing them. From Snow White taking a bite out of the apple to King Joffrey’s drinking the wine, there is no question that substances for which we have no awareness can find their ways into the body and do damage. Refocusing and broadening your understanding of poison beyond the fairytale sense is what will allow you to make a positive change in your life to improve your health.

Poison Locations and Sources

With all the ways to interact with your environment, increasing your awareness of the sources of poisons is critical to reducing or removing them to increase your overall health. While not all poisons are deadly in the immediate sense, they can have a lasting impact depending on the level of exposure. Poisons can be concealed, undisclosed or apparent but minimized as being harmful. They do, however, add up.

  • The poisons are in children’s toys, our clothing, and furniture, paints, cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, food containers, make-up, personal care items, construction materials and in the vaccines injected into our bodies, the fillings implanted in our teeth, and the medications and tests prescribed.
  • Environmental damages from electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones and towers, substations and power lines, microwaves, computers and appliances are less publicized and less researched.
  • Irradiated food, diagnostic x-rays, radiation treatments, airport security scanners, nuclear power plant energy wastes or accidents, nuclear weapons can not only affect the exposed individual but contaminate our water, air, and soil from the radioactive human wastes.

Impact of Environmental Toxicity

The rampant use of toxic materials in the modern age has concurrently seen increases in healthcare, or should we say disease care. While people born before World War II may be living longer, there is a rise in physical and mental health problems and more dis-ease in younger populations. And it’s not among those living in sub par conditions; it’s occurring in civilized countries with the most advanced healthcare. The accumulation of toxins over time present many health challenges to ourselves, our children, and our pets. Along with nutritional deficiencies, hormonal disruptions, and metabolic disturbances we are seeing an increase in allergies, autoimmune diseases, infertility, cancers, and neurological disorders. A concerted effort must be made to reverse the dangerous trends of such practices.


What You Can Do

The first step in fighting the growing poisoning of the environment is to acknowledge the dangers of toxins and recognize where they are. Armed with knowledge, you can start to make a difference by introducing healthy products into your routine and doing business with environmentally conscious companies. Learn more below.


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