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Holistic Health Overview

Your Body Can Heal Itself

Good Health Throughout Life


Being healthy is about more than just the absence of disease: having good health means to become whole in every aspect of your life. It means having balanced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy, and being content with your life and who you are as you age and evolve. It means having the ability to handle stress, nourish relationships, and improve your environment while also maintaining a properly functioning body. It means knowing how your choices impact your overall health each and every day, so you can make the right ones.

Many Philosophies of Healthcare

In the USA, the most recognized model of healthcare is based on diagnosis and treatment of disease, in contrast to a paradigm that puts the emphasis on preventive self-care which includes good nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep, stress management, and detoxification. Understanding the different approaches to health is key to making informed choices..

Allopathic Medicine: Also known as Western Medicine, Evidence Based Medicine, Conventional Medicine, Mainstream Medicine, Orthodox Medicine

  • Around since the mid-1800s, Allopathic medicine is a system where medical doctors and other healthcare professionals (MDs, DOs, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists) treat symptoms and diseases, their main tools being drugs, radiation, or surgical procedures.
  • Allopaths look for physical causes for disease, seek to name the disorder and treat the specific illness (this may include rehabilitation) or prevent it with a vaccine
  • Allopaths view the body mechanically separating it into component parts.
  • Allopaths can train in a specialty that concentrates on a particular system of the body
  • Spirituality is largely not addressed in health and healing matters

Alternative Medicine: Also known as Holistic Medicine, Mind-Body Medicine, Natural Medicine, New-Age Medicine

  • Around for centuries if not millennia; practices include Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Native American Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Herbal Treatments, Nutritional Therapy and others not considered by Allopathic Medicine to be the standard of care. These practices are not taught with any degree of depth in medical schools or allied health professional schools
  • Practitioners of Alternative Medicine look at the whole person and don’t just treat the disease
  • Practitioners believes the body is capable of healing itself by bringing systems into balance and boosting the immune system - by considering detoxification, lifestyle, nutrition, stress levels, and emotional situation

Integrative Medicine: Also known as Complementary Medicine

  • Used together with Conventional Medicine to address the mind and spirit as well as the body.
  • Practitioners uses therapies that have scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness to achieve health
  • Practitioners put emphasis on stress management and emotional health, nutrition, and detoxification along with conventional treatment when needed to affect healing
  • Practitioners foster total well-being and emphasize preventing disease

Health Impact Areas

On this site, we provide an overview of areas of health impact that most people are familiar with and have incorporated into their lives, along with their effects on the body and what you can do to improve them. Much will continue to be written about them in our blogs, along with related products and services to improve your nutrition, fitness, communication, and the environment, all vital for keeping healthy.



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Health from Within

We have also included two other areas of great health impact that if not addressed can prevent healing from any disease, and if improperly taken care of, can negatively affect your health and longevity. Those two areas are oral health and detoxification, two subjects that the authors of this site have a great deal of knowledge and first-hand experience, both from our own health perspective and as health professionals.


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Freedom of Health Choice

There are many ways to achieve health improvement, sustainability and increased longevity. It is our belief that we should take more responsibility for our own health and have the freedom to choose practitioners whose philosophies and practices resonate with us. Find natural, holistic, alternative, and integrative professionals in this holistic practitioner directory.


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