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Detoxification Post Mercury Removal

The first step after safe mercury amalgam removal is to not put anything into the body that is toxic. This includes a clean organic diet, personal care items, cleaning supplies, construction materials, insecticides and toxic relationships. All routes of elimination must be working optimally. Cleanses such as bowel, liver, and kidney would be helpful, but should be monitored by a trained healthcare professional. A physician trained in chelation therapy may help pull heavy metals out of the system and provide nutrients to support the immune system. A nutritionist can help with foods that are detoxifying. Saunas, foot baths, aromatherapy and massage can help release metals through the skin. Acupuncture, exercise, and chiropractic adjustments all help to rebalance energy. Patience is needed as rapid detoxification can damage organs of elimination and reabsorb heavy metals back into tissues.