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Distance Healing

Healing at a distance has been shown to work. Your thoughts, emotions, and intentions are energy that radiate out from you like music from a radio. Just because we don’t tune into a station doesn’t mean that the sound vibration is not there. It just means we can’t consciously perceive it. Based on Quantum Physics, energy is not restricted to any time and location. In Distance Healing, no signal is involved (it is not a result of energetic transmission), there is no gap in time for effects to take place, and distance is irrelevant. Distance Healing is an advanced form of bio-energy healing that is performed when the healee is not present, but who gains benefit. The healer is in a meditative state (altering brainwaves to a theta state) visualizing the energetic image of the healee. Both the healer and the healee must both believe that the process works. It is as effective as an in-person healing session working for many types of alternative healing modalities such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Medical Intuitives and Animal Communicators.