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Psychic Healing

Stress, illness, major life changes, negative thoughts, holding onto childhood experiences, and environmental toxins can wreak havoc on life force energy. This energy connects our minds, bodies and energy fields that flow through the chakras and meridians in our bodies. When one energy stream of out of balance, all levels are disrupted, and you are unable to function at your peak. The overall goal of psychic healing is to move the mental, physical and spiritual energy of the person into complete balance, which can give relief from physical challenges such as pain and poor circulation or emotional issues of fears, guilt, depression, anxiety, and stress. The psychic healers possess highly-tuned intuition and psychic abilities. They perceive flaws in the energy force and connect with others on an energetic level to clear out or strengthen the client’s energy. Examples of Energetic Healing include: Pranic healing, Shamanic healing, Reiki, Angel healing, Healing Touch therapy, Acoustic healing (sound therapy), Crystal healing, and Quantum Touch.