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Increase the Visibility of your Practice or Business. 


Increase the Visibility of your Practice or Business

It's Never Too Late to Grow Your Business!

In the digital age, there's more opportunity than ever to find your customers and lead them right to your business. Joining our community gives you instant access to the right people who are actually looking for your services, products, or events. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Targeted Promotion

    Stand out to those searching for holistic healing or improvement in their physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual wellbeing.

  • Move Up in Search Results

    Marketing success with empowering tools for education, Social Media, SEO and more!

  • Serve the Holistic Community

    We developed this as a holistic resource hub for people to recognize and pursue the natural alternatives and choices for their health improvement and maintenance.


Our vision is to cultivate a community of people who provide and want holistic, natural, alternative, and integrative products & services. Together we can make this world healthier in mind, body, and spirit.

Practitioner Directory Plans 

Single Listing

Reg. $36 $18.00/month
or $180/year
  • Includes a 90 day Free Trial with maximum search visibility
  • Search by Practitioner Type, Modality, or Condition
  • Include Office Information, Photos, & Reviews
  • Gain Access to Listing Viewership Analytics

Multi-Listing Plans

Ask for Pricing
discounts available
  • We offer custom options for added flexibility
  • Multiple Practitioners in One Location
  • Practice with Multiple Offices or Locations
  • Centralized Account Management for Groups
Name & Credentials
Practice Name
Phone & Email
Website & Social
Practitioner Types
Modalities Practiced
Conditions Treated
Practice Amenities
Add & Manage Reviews
Access the Marketplace
Get Started Contact for Custom
Priority Over Free Listings
Searchable by Name
Searchable by Practice
Searchable by Practitioner Type
Searchable by Modality Practiced
Searchable by Condition Treated
Featured Listing Option
Get Started Contact for Custom

Join the Marketplace

Businesses, schools, and individuals can post ads or list products, services, and events in our Marketplace Directory* without having a practitioner profile listing.

*requires $0.50 sign up fee - separate fees apply for purchases



List the products that promote holistic health and wellness for people and pets

per product (monthly)



Grow your thriving holistic enterprise for health, environment and life enhancement

per listing (monthly)



Attract qualified prospects and referrals with featured listings and ads

per ad (monthly)



Add events and details to the calendar for increased attendance

per event