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Recovering From Addiction


Holistic Spotlight with Stephen Smith, Founder and Executive Director of “A New Life Referral Center”

We are speaking with Stephen Smith, who through his Non-Profit, “A New Life Referral Center”, discusses how his community services for individuals who struggle with recovering from addictions and consequences of bad decisions, can help them achieve and maintain a new and purposeful life.

From the Depths of Darkness

Dillon, a man who for the most part lived an abundant and blessed life, has gone to hell and come back. His repeated poor decisions cost him everything he had in the past. He lost businesses, two marriages, family and friend relationships and everything else in between. He survived a few near fatal car accidents, deadly diseases including hepatitis C, and suffered with alcohol addiction, and mental illness. Dillon went through a drug and alcohol recovery program three times. He also consulted with several Physiatrist’s, attended self-help programs and counseling. It was two steps forward and three steps back many times over a period of 25 years. Despite that Dillon was an honest, and compassionate person, he found himself fresh out of jail, homeless, and living in the woods with nothing left but himself.

Sustainable addiction recovery improves self-image and prepares one to be a productive individual

Dillon found the LWN Live with Nature Foundation that was founded on the premise of a connection to nature, Source, and community, where the mission is helping a person in mind, body, and spirit. We have built a solid foundation of verified referral sources and have helped many people to recover from addictions and poor choices achieve a higher quality of life as the result of our educational videos and counseling network.

The transformational change is a slow and not always steady process. Dillon had to go through many failures. He realized that he had been a victim of his own creation and had to release himself of the self-hatred he held against himself. He had to forgive himself for his poor choices and behavior, the suicidal tendencies, addiction, and feeling of worthlessness. Changing his perspective, thinking pattern and attitudes toward whatever issue he was not comfortable with, issues like feeling that he was not worthy, good, or smart enough to accomplish whatever he was trying to do took perseverance. Dillon realized that he had to eliminate incorrect and limiting beliefs with new, positive thinking habits. He found that it takes a lot of hard work, determination, consistent healthy routines, and faith in a Higher Power to become successful and stay on the right path. Dillon takes one day at a time and has learned from his mistakes, even better, he learns from the mistakes of others. Dillon just does not give up.

Addiction recovery and a purposeful productive life starts with a thought and some imagination.

Every day Dillon wakes up is a new day that he can paint the canvas of anyway he chooses.  He starts his day early, three or four o’clock in the morning. The first thing he does is say a prayer of gratitude. Then, he listens to inspirational videos and enters a positive thinking mode and attitude which helps guide him to become a better person.

He proves that barriers can be broken down and obstacles can be overcome. This has enabled him to become a reliable father to his children, and someone his family, friends and the community can count on.

Today with the help of LWN, Dillon can smile, look in the mirror and tell himself, “You’re Okay, I love you Dillon”. He accepted who he used to be and who he is now. He has earned back most of what he lost. Dillon found his purpose and every day, with his faith in a Higher Power, he works to achieve his dreams and goals.

Embolden people who struggle with addictions to recover and inspire others to pay it forward.

Dillon strives to help others with addictions. He gives back freely to pay it forward with no expectation of reimbursement. Hi daily goal is to become a better person. He has made a transformational change which resulted in a lust for life and becoming a role model for others and an asset to his community.

The LWN Live with Nature Foundation

LWN is a registered nonprofit offering educational programs, free consultations with a case manager, and recommendations for professional service providers. Our Director of the Health Advisory board is a Naturopathic Doctor, Pharmacist and nominated top in her field for 2019 by the International Association of Top Professionals. The parent company provides educational videos and will help to secure financial assistance for clients and/or refers them to low cost alternative providers. We have plans to open an inpatient transformational center next year which help an individual transition to the point of self-sufficiency.

As the Founder and Executive Director of LWN, I live my purpose which is to be a servant to my community. I am a thought leader, an influencer, and a role model for many people. What this organization does has a positive effect in my life every day. The reward of giving even one person hope for a bright future is beyond measure.

A New Life Referral Center
Sarasota, Florida USA

Learn More at the L.W.N. Foundation Website

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