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The Great Leap Forward in Alternative Health


“What you cannot avoid, welcome” says an old Chinese proverb. What was not too long ago considered complementary or alternative health, has become health care’s most prominent influence on the national and international scene. The public wants to live longer healthier lives. They are seeking ways to take more control and eliminate what is harmful rather than just alleviating symptoms.

The Price of Conventional Healthcare vs. Alternative Health

The economics alone are astounding and have caused noticeable wounds to the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, many medical practitioners are getting fed up with running on a treadmill. Busier physician’s offices with unhappy overworked staff, reams of paperwork for pitiful third-party reimbursement, and unconscionable malpractice premiums have led to corporate buy-outs of these once thriving practices.  Many of the older crop of doctors who used to have control over their decisions and their time have opted for retirement or switching to concierge practices, or learning more of the benefits of alternative health practices.

Can’t Afford to be Sick? Consider Alternative Health Options

Healthy LivingConventional Medical Care believes in early detection, rather than prevention. Many devotees continue with an unrestrained life with the idea that there is a magic pill or a procedure to keep them on track. And while it’s true that many of these services are lifesaving, unhealthy habits take its toll. Medications have side-effects. Work days are lost. Health insurance premiums and medical out-of-pocket expenses continue to rise as more treatment is needed and coverage is reduced. Many now realize that it is far easier (and less costly) to prevent illness than it is to treat illness. Enter the practitioners of Holistic and Alternative Health.

Natural Non-Toxic Health is In

Many PathsDespite the combined marketing efforts of the State Boards, Government Agencies, Professional Organizations, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries and Insurance Companies to reduce the demand for alternative health care, growing numbers of consumers are spending billions on products and services not covered by health insurance and are seeking practitioners who can provide Complimentary, Integrative, or Alternative Health Care. The once scorned providers of Innovative Health are now the ones in the best position to guide natural health-conscious consumers on a journey to robust health and longevity.

Alternative Health is No Longer a Stigma

It was not so long ago that advertising health services was frowned upon. Now, health consumers are inundated with magazine ads and TV commercials coaxing to “ask their doctor” if the medication is appropriate for their disease while marginalizing the possible devastating health consequences. On the other hand, providers of Innovative Health who can offer safer, non-invasive options to rebalance, regenerate, and revitalize, don’t have the deep pockets of the pharmaceutical and conventional healthcare systems. But the past decade the playing field has been leveled with the Internet. Open to everyone are websites, social media and blogs which have given alternative health providers the ability to educate and catch the attention of millions. I’m happy to observe that the tide has finally turned. 

Check out the paths to health.

Andy & Vinny DiLorenzo

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