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Neural Therapy

Developed in Germany, Neural Therapy involves the injection of a local anesthetic such a procaine (Novocain) or lidocaine into scars, trigger points, acupuncture points, tendon and ligament insertions, peripheral nerves, clusters of nerves (ganglia), the epidural space, and other tissues. The injections seek to restore areas of interference that prevent cells from functioning properly. These “interference fields” may be caused by infections, emotional trauma, physical trauma (surgery, accidents, deep cuts, biopsies, childbirth, dental procedures, vaccinations, burns, tattoos, etc.). General stress from illness, malnutrition, emotional stress, food allergies, pregnancy can convert an inactive interference field to one that creates a disturbance in the autonomic nervous system. When combined with personalized nutritional, metabolic, and detoxification program, Neural Therapy is one of the most powerful healing tools available.