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Oncology Services Alternative

In our medical system, there are certain therapies that physicians are permitted (if not encouraged) to use, and alternative therapies that they are not allowed to use. The choices have nothing to do with what is right or wrong, safe or dangerous. One problem is that it is almost impossible to get needed funding and acceptance to carry out official testing on cheaper safer alternative methods, that are ineligible for patents. You will find many alternative treatments for cancer. The aim of alternative cancer philosophy is not only to treat the cancer, but to enhance the immune system, detoxify, IV therapies and nutrition to nourish the body, change the biochemistry of the body to a state of health and well being so the cancer will no longer flourish. Whether alternative cancer treatments are more of less safe, efficacious, life-extending, or comfortable than conventional treatment, the question is, do you believe that you should you have the freedom of choice as to how you want to pursue cancer treatment?