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Detoxification for Better Health – Part 1


You’ll need to detoxify if you want better health. Fortunately, there are many ways to help you achieve that goal. One less commonly discussed area is minimizing toxicity, and how reduced exposure to toxic chemicals and heavy metals improves our bodily functions, immune system, and longevity.

In this 3-part blog series, I’ll discuss:

  1. Health Consequences from Toxic Accumulations
  2. Raising Your Awareness of Where Toxins Are Found
  3. Ways To Help Detoxify Your Body and Environment

Overview of Toxins

Our bodies have several organs that continually rid us of harmful toxins, by filtering them out of our blood stream and removing them from our bodies. They’ll typically exit through urine, feces, sweat, breath, and hair.

Generally, the system is quite efficient, but over time, the more it has to work, exposures from multiple sources will continue to pile up, and the body’s ability to filter out these toxins will become compromised.

What Does This Mean?

When you have too many toxins in your body, particularly if your systems are weakened, your body has trouble keeping up with them all, and your natural filtering and drainage systems will get overrun. When this happens, you can’t get rid of all the toxins, and some will wind up finding a home elsewhere within your body’s cells, like sewage depositing in clean areas with stormwater overflow. There is no default, and no set place or order for where the toxins wind up. It can feel random.

Poisoned cells will either become damaged or die at which point, you’ll start to see symptoms of health imbalances or illness, which can include chronic illnesses, infertility, behavioral, and emotional problems.

How Do Toxins Affect Us?

A major hurdle in addressing toxicity is that so many different conditions and diseases can cause similar problems, so it can be difficult to diagnose with a conventional practitioner.  Conventional treatment also generally consists of alleviating symptoms rather than removing root causes, but once those toxins have found their way inside your cells, no amount of symptom relief will prevent future issues. In short, you’ll need to detox..

The Effects Toxins Have on Our Bodies

Chronic chemical and heavy metal exposures can gradually accumulate in any and every organ system of the body. These toxins can damage enzymes and DNA, cause free radical damage, and alter the functioning of organs such as the brain, kidneys, lungs, liver, blood, hormones, skin, reproductive, and immune systems, depending on where they settle.

How it could impact you will vary for the same reason – you may experience changes in bowel or urinary habits, fatigue, memory difficulties, sleep impairment, eczema, muscle weakness, depression, or “brain fog”. What’s important to recognize is that something in your body doesn’t feel “right,” and it may be helpful to reflect on your potential for exposure.

What Can You Do?

  1. Awareness that there may be toxic exposure and overload occurring in your body.
  2. Recognize where toxins are.
  3. Eliminate toxins from your body and environment

So, I hope you gained some information about toxins and how detoxification can promote better heath. Learn more about where toxins are lurking in Part 2 of this blog series, both in the environment and in your body. Looking for a holistic practitioner who may help with detox?

Andy & Vinny DiLorenzo

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