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Extreme Wellness is for All of Us


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Dr. Marc Cohen, Practitioner of Integrative Medicine

We are speaking with Dr. Marc Cohen, PhD (TCM), who discusses his unique and effective approach to achieving extreme wellness.

Tell Us How You Approach the Concept of Extreme Wellness

The word doctor originates from the Latin docere, which means to teach. Through working with multiple people and groups, I have recognized that teaching amplifies my message of achieving extreme wellness and is my preferred form of medical practice.

I’m able to educate in multiple ways which include:

  • Experiential:
    • Workshops
    • Lectures
    • Retreats
    • Online courses
    • University-based education programs
  • Writing:
    • Text books
    • Peer-reviewed scientific papers
    • Position statements
    • Magazine articles
    • Blog posts
    • Poetry and songs

Who Seeks You Out and How Do You Help Them Achieve Extreme Wellness?

Most people who seek me out have often already had a wide range of medical diagnoses and different interventions that have not been adequately addressed.

Many present with issues of fatigue, pain syndromes, auto-immune conditions and chronic lifestyle-related disease as well as mental health issues. Using a holistic approach based on ancient wisdom and advanced science, these people learn simple practical solutions and easy to implement lifestyle practices along with targeted therapies and experiences to achieve extreme wellness.

I Believe that Hope for One’s Future is Required to Achieve Extreme Wellness

It’s important that simple practical solutions to living well be given right from the start. The tools help to relieve physical and mental stress and suffering. The outcome is building physical and psychological resilience which allows people to cope with current and future stress. This important shift gives them hope for the future.

These physical Extreme Wellness Practices are encouraged:

  • Filtering and flushing the bladder
  • Feasting and fasting the bowel
  • Panting and holding the breath
  • Applying hot and cold to the body
  • Doing as much as possible and doing as little as possible with the brain.

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic, Integrative, or Natural Health Path?

When I was still in primary school, I read the “Limits to Growth” and I was shown that exponential increases in population and pollution could not continue with limited resources. I came to the conclusion at that young age that, within my lifetime, humanity must either destroy itself or break-through to a new form of global civilization. I couldn’t tell which outcome was more likely and rather than be fearful and fight the apocalypse, I decided I’d fearlessly focus on creating the world I wanted – a world of wellness. I also figured that by studying and researching holistic health, I’d acquire useful skills for when the collapse came and still have a fun and fulfilling life. I set out to become a world expert on wellness.

I’ve now spent 30 years as an integrative medical doctor with over half of my career spent as a tenured professor in the transdisciplinary field of wellness. This has allowed me to practice, teach and research holistic and integrative medicine and be at the forefront of knowledge on:

I’m now devoted to spreading solutions that will tame the body’s toxic load, and help people master their mind and body,  make sense of life,  and  above all,  find the fun.

In the spirit of wanting people to be extremely well in order to live happy, healthy and long lives, I also spend considerable time running conferences, festivals and retreats, and working with the spa and wellness industry, which has enabled me to travel the world and visit wonderful wellness destinations and make friends with the world’s top wellness experts.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Professional Experiences Taught You and What Has Been the Affect on Your Lifestyle?

After four decades of studying ancient wisdom and advanced science, the most important lesson I’ve learned is that wellness is about we. This implies that ‘I’ cannot be well unless we are all well.

I’ve also learned that wellness can be just as contagious as illness and it is possible to infect the world with good health. Through sharing simple practical solutions that require little cost, training or equipment, both giver and receiver are enriched.

This is the ethos that runs through everything I do and has had a profound effect on my lifestyle which now includes creating a range of new companies that provide wellness-related products and services as well as being involved in a range of community based activities.


Marc Cohen MBBS (Hons), PhD (TCM), PhD (Elec Eng), BMed Sci (Hons), FAMAC, FICAE

Professor Marc Cohen (aka Dr Marc) is a medical doctor, university professor, entrepreneur, author, poet and wellness trailblazer who has spent more than 30 years practicing and researching holistic health.

He is a Founding Board Member of the Global Wellness Summit, Founder of the Extreme Wellness Institute and Co-Founder of the Bathe the World Foundation.

Prof Cohen has degrees in western medicine, physiology and psychological medicine and PhDs in Chinese medicine and electrical and computer systems engineering. His research interests include all aspects of wellness.

Prof Cohen has published more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers and many books and technical texts on wellness and natural medicine. He is co-editor and a main contributor for the first academic book on “Understanding the Global Spa Industry”, co-author of the landmark text “Herbs and Natural Supplements: An Evidence-Based Guide”, which is currently in its 4th Edition and author of the illustrated children’s books “The Beautiful Mare and the Boy Who Gave Thanks“.

Dr. Marc Cohen
Integrative Medicine Practitioner
Extreme Wellness Institute
Victoria, Australia

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