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Better Nutrition with the Right Nutritionist


Holistic Practitioner Guest Blogger – Dr Cyrus Thomas, D.C., DNBHE, MDH (India)

Chiropractor and Nutritionist

“Never Better Since… I improved my nutrition!”

Nutritionists are expert sources on identifying the best health regimen in their field, but it seems everyone is going on-line these days to research what to do about nutrition instead.  A friend of mine was once asked, “Do you have a good vitamin?” Since my friend, like many doctors, had been studying nutrition as a profession for decades and had made good choices in products to have faith in (and which have proven themselves to patients), he recommended a good vitamin.  The patient said, “Let me write down the name and I’ll research it.” This, it seems, is what many would say these days before turning to the internet as the authority to find out if the doctor’s recommendation was a good one.

Is the Internet an Authority on Nutrition?

The true nutritionist, with decades of research and in-the-trenches experience with patients, is mostly ignored. We humans are strange creatures.  We like to imagine that the internet has committees galore of like-minded people, only allowing what is the very best to be portrayed on the internet. In reality, it’s just another person’s opinion, and it seems all too common that the person is selling something.

Of course, nutritionists do sell nutrients as well, and you certainly can find those same nutrients online. It may prove difficult though because the companies that real nutritionists use only sell to doctors, attempting to remove online sellers. Why? They don’t want their products to be used by internet medical shoppers who don’t have an education in physiology and body chemistry. Uneducated shoppers could make mistakes or choose the wrong products that provide no benefit, all while the user gives the nutrient supply company a bad name.

Nutritionists, and Their Suppliers

Suppliers who only sell to doctors have been around for 5 to 7 decades and have many loyal followers who use their products correctly. Two of the larger companies each have over 100 products to choose from, are owned by families who pass ownership on to their heirs, are in love with the science of nutrition, and teach their customers how to best benefit from their wisdom. They NEVER take any shortcuts in production.

Working Together with a Fully Trained Nutritionist

Those suffering from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and similar pervasive disorders can learn a lot about their condition from the Internet, but they don’t have the homeopathic philosophy of disease and wellness that can take years to acquire with special training. To get the best benefit, I recommend finding a practitioner, a true nutritionist, who is fully trained, conscientious, and uses only products made by conscientious families. As a side note, their nutrient prices are typically not high because they don’t compete for shelf space in health food stores.

Some thoughts:

  • You can usually give a quick call to a practitioner and they can determine how much time you’d need (with more emotions involved in the ailment, the longer it takes).
  • You can book a one-or-two-hour session depending on the nature of your condition
  • You’ll determine together if any testing is needed, reviewing results remotely if convenient, and find the appropriate homeopathic remedies and nutraceuticals to begin care.

 That feeling of “never better since…” 

Together, you can watch the progression carefully over time, fine tuning the curative action. So ailments like chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia might just go away!


Dr. Thomas has worked homeopathically and nutritionally with thousands of people since 1978.  He does all the testing any hospital would do and then some, but only if need be.

He has an undergraduate degree in pre-med, a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine and an Indian medical degree in Homeopathy. 

Dr. Cyrus Thomas D.C., DNBHE, MDH (India)

712 D Street Medical Bldg, Suite G, San Rafael CA 94901
Chiropractic Care, Blood Testing, Classical Homeopathy, Functional Medicine

Dr. Cyrus Thomas’s Website

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