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A Simple Technique to Reduce Anxiety During the Covid-19 Pandemic


Holistic Practitioner Spotlight with Shari Hembree, Author and Reiki Master

We are speaking with Shari Hembree who discusses how meditative and breathing techniques play a vital role in times of fear and crisis.

Tell Us a Story About a Client Who Suffered Severe Anxiety Over Covid-19 and How You Helped

In the midst of these challenging times, anxiety can sometimes result from the fear of contracting a deadly case of COVID-19. This happened to a dear friend of mine, I’ll call Bonnie, who after two months of isolating herself from the world, had become fearful of leaving her house. The thought of coming in near contact with potential carriers of Coronavirus created extreme anxiety.

Bonnie had tried to mentally focus just by using her will, but she did not do anything physically that could have a positive affect on what she was experiencing. We spoke on the phone and I was grateful that I was able to offer her some advice.

What Modalities or Techniques did You Implement?

To calm her body and mind, I recommended deep breathing exercises, in addition to short mindfulness meditation sessions, both of which can be done anywhere and at any time – and the benefits are immediate!

The first step I told Bonnie was to notice when fear was overtaking her mind. I pointed out that often when we become anxious, we have a tendency to breathe either too shallow or too rapidly and if not addressed, can quickly accelerate into a “fight-or-flight” response or anxiety attack similar to what she experienced.

The easiest breathing approach is to use slow, steady, deep breaths to draw a rich flow of oxygen into the lungs. By concentrating on taking 5-10 slow, even breathes, the body and mind respond to reduce the stress. Physiologically, we become calmer and more able to refocus our thoughts to alleviate our fears. The practice originated in India over 5,000 years ago when yoga practitioners learned to inhale and exhale steadily, while practicing their yoga poses. Holding the postures was secondary, while maintaining the steady pattern of breathing was most important.

Can You Explain The Technique?

It’s important to practice proper breathing anytime you realize you are breathing too shallow or rapid. To be more proactive and more mindful in your approach, set a timer to take several 5-minute breaks during your day to practice deep breathing, either at your desk or some place private.

Close your eyes (when possible) and inhale deeply to the count of 4-7 seconds. Hold each breath for 2-3 seconds and then exhale to the same count. Do this 5-10 times and notice how much calmer your body feels.

What Was the Outcome?

My methods are mind, body, soul integrative approach. Meditation and deep breathing were simple relaxation tools for Bonnie to use anytime she needed it. We went a little further with Meditation and Reiki Energy Work. Of course, she would consult a medical doctor if the situation persisted. Bonnie became functional again, able to do her errands and did not need to seek medical help.

Why and When Did You Choose the Holistic Path?

I began studying 10 years ago and did my Reiki Master training in England at Stonehenge.

What Lessons Have Your Work and Personal Experiences Taught You?

Healing can be dramatic when we approach it from a holistic integrative perspective.


Shari A. Hembree is an artist, businesswoman, Reiki Master Teacher, and author in the field of authenticity and spiritualism. She received her Reiki Master Teacher certification from The International Center for Reiki Training at Stonehenge, England.

Her first book, “Journey of the Lightworker“, is a breakthrough novel that crosses mainstream thought with deep spiritual truths.  Reminiscent of “Eat, Pray, Love” with a twist of The Alchemist, this soul-stirring, semi-allegorical tale takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery, as the true meaning of life is revealed.  From a long forgotten childhood dream to a place deep within the spirit, “Journey of the Lightworker” leads the reader on a delightful winding path to a destination of love and Divine spiritual purpose.

An inspired creator, Shari has produced videos and a meditation series to motivate her audience to take positive action in their lives. She is regularly a local guest-speaker on the topics of authenticity and spiritualism.

Shari holds an undergraduate degree from McMurry University in Abilene, Texas, and completed Rice University’s Executive Program for Managers in Houston, Texas.

Shari A. Hembree
Author, Reiki Master, Meditation
Shari A. Hembree
Delray Beach, FL. USA

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