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Shield Your Baby From Harmful EMF Radiation

Blanket Protects Baby From EMF

I’m an entrepreneur, and an educator. I spent over 20 years building software companies, and teaching on the faculty at institutions like the University of Southern California and the University of California, Santa Cruz. I realized that while it’s impossible to eliminate your exposure to EMF, there are ways that you can start reducing your…

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Nature’s Frequencies

Nature’s Frequencies, inventor, manufacturer of patented, wearable holograms delivering healing frequencies to the body, 24/7! INTRODUCING AN ADVANCED BREAKTHROUGH IN BIOFIELD RESONANCE TECHNOLOGY WITH NATURE’S FREQUENCIES ENERGETIC HOME, HEALTH & WELLNESS PRODUCTS TO ENERGIZE YOUR BODY & ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE!   WHAT IF…there was a wearable health and wellness technology with NO ingredients, infused with…

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Enhanced Well-Being, Performance and Quality of Life Scientists, health and wellness professionals, and a growing number of academic and sports authorities are discovering and describing the vital link between the strength and amplitude of the body’s natural resonance frequencies and a person’s corresponding sense of well-being, physical and mental function and quality of life.  …

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