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Natural Ways of Teeth Whitening

In this blog, I will be discussing several Natural Ways of Teeth Whitening-at home.  But before we go into some of these techniques, let me discuss why teeth discolor in the first place.  Why Do Teeth Discolor? As we get older, the whiter enamel layer of our teeth will naturally, from wear and tear, become…

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How to Remove Toxins from Your Environment-Part 3

It is vital you remove toxins from your environment.  In part one, you learned about the toxins present in our environment and the health impacts. Part two gave you practical tips on avoiding or largely reducing your exposure to these toxins within your environment. In this final Part 3, you will find 7 ways to…

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Toxic Overload: Your Need to Detoxify – Part 2

We all need to detoxify from our environmental toxic overload.  Knowing that we are continually surrounded and bombarded with toxins, in Part 2 of this series, we’ll discuss the importance of recognizing where toxic exposures are coming from and what you can do to reduce them. Saying that poisons are all around us is one…

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